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Oct 03 2011

She’s Uncoachable: Briana Barela

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Let me share a small tidbit story that explains the look of Briana Barela.  I don’t know Briana so I’m not angry at her.  But Briana has the look of a girl who I know I could get on that one special day where my game is on fire.   She’s incredibly hot but on that day it doesn’t matter.  Everything I say and do works out in my favor.

But then day 2 comes and I pick up the phone only to find that I don’t get a call back.   I become more and more obsessed with Briana because well, she’s that hot.  And then life starts to suck, but Briana remains hot, happy, and never called back.   Why Briana?  Why?

Anyway, this is all untrue but Briana does kind of look like Kim Kardashian so that’s good.  More of Briana after the jump…

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