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Oct 03 2011

8 Reasons Why Dogs Have it Better Than Humans

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Jerry Seinfeld once did this routine on dogs and how we pick up their poop.  He went on to say that if aliens were visiting our world and saw this behavior they would naturally think that dogs ruled the world and not us.

He makes a pretty valid point there.  While plenty of dogs out there get abused, just as many have the good life.   In fact I’ll argue that most domestic dogs that get treated decently have better lives than we do.

Here are 8 reasons that prove it….

We Pick up Their Poop

I would LOVE to have a personal poop picker upper.

They Don’t have to have Jobs

That itself is all we really need.

They Don’t Have to Wear Clothes

Must be nice not to have to wear or buy clothes.  I would love a world where I could walk around naked all day and not get cold because I had my own permanent coat.

They Don’t Have to Brush Their Teeth

All dogs have to do is eat dog bones and biscuits and their teeth wind up being cleaner than ours.  I’m not making this up.   Dogs usually have better dental hygiene than we do.

Eat, Sleep, Poop, Bang

What an amazing life that is.   All you have to do is these four things and you have it made.

They Don’t Pay For Anything

Would be nice to live in a world where everything is handed to you.   I wouldn’t mind not paying for a thing.   It’s like you’re a child for your entire life.

Dog Years

How awesome would it be to live one year and it feel more like seven?  For us humans time seems to go by quicker and quicker the older we get.  If there’s any truth to the whole dog year thing then it’s nice to know that many dogs live a full life.

Public Masturbation and Licking is Not Frowned Upon

Man this is awesome.






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