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Oct 31 2011

Melanie Iglesias Leads the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more of Melanie Iglesias

We know you think you might have better things to do, but the absolute best thing you can do for the next three minutes is watch this video that I have linked to.   It’s a video of beautiful young lady Melanie Iglesias and her equally hot best friend, see.

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The Portfolio

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Oct 31 2011

What The World Looks Like to a Child

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It’s extremely hard to pinpoint what exactly goes through the mind of a child.  How they perceive life tends to be extreme but also incredibly creative.   This picture above is a perfect example to illustrate that point.

For me, this picture hit home because I 100% remember crossing streets, or walking over manholes, or even walking over those weird covers taht would protect stairways on the streets of New York City.  I used to always think there was some kind of monster in there.

Anyway,  I just felt this picture encapsulated that idea.   Below there are four other cool scenarios that get into the mind of a child….

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Oct 31 2011

She’s Uncoachable: It’s Been Way too Long Since Beatrice Chirita

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The last time I posted photos of Beatrice Chirita was in February of 2010.   Frankly, I’m realizing that’s an extremely long time.   Technically it’s not but when you have a women that’s as attractive as her, it’s an eternity.

She’s from Romania so that’s awesome.  And I’ve already expressed that I think she might be one of the hottest women in the world.  I mean do we need any other reasons here?  Didn’t think so.

More of Beatrice after the jump….

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Oct 31 2011

He’s Really Grown Up

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Ever wonder what happened to Haley Joel Osment, the cute kid from The Sixth Sense and Forrest Gump? Well over the years he’s grown up, and he’s not exactly the adorable cherub that he once was. Some people just really don’t age well from childhood, and it appears he’s one of them. Maybe if he lost a few pounds? But it’s kind of hard to tell if that would even help.

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Oct 31 2011

A Girl Takes a Ride in a Toyota Supra

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The year isn’t over yet, but in terms of awesome videos of 2011, I think I’m going to have to say that this one is definitely in the top ten. It’s a video of an attractive young lady getting a ride in a souped up Toyota Supra, and while that’s cool enough, it’s when the G-forces from drifting start to kick in where things REALLY get interesting. It’s PG-13, as it’s on YouTube, but yeah, tell me you didn’t rewind that about five or six times. It’s  impossible not to!

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Oct 31 2011

They’re Happy Because They’re This Hot

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It’s official!  I think I’ve run out of hot girl topics to talk about.  So I decided to take it from phase one.  The most simple and obvious thing about hot girls that many of us men like.   We like it when they smile.

And wouldn’t it be awesome if all hot chicks that smiled did it because they knew they were hot and therefore had to be really nice and have sex with all kinds of dudes?  I mean that’s just fair isn’t it?

Well, no.   It’s not.  But I still love seeing a beautiful girl smile.  And you will too after the jump….

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Oct 31 2011

Five Different Types of Hangovers

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We’ve all been there.  Some more than others and some at different times than others.  I would say between my senior year of high school and senior year of college the amounts of hangovers I experienced were far greater than I would have liked.

But having experienced so many you begin to learn about the subtle nature of these things.   Granted there’s no real type of cure for a hangover, a better understanding of them can potentially make you better prepared for what’s in store.

While there are 100s of levels, I’ve come up with five that make sense, each one blending into the next….

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Oct 31 2011

Monday’s Madness: Bella Skyy Starts It, Bad Habits Save Lives, and Pro Golfer Fails

Published by under Monday Madness

Click on the photo for more of Bella Skyy

We’ve actually featured Ms. Skyy on this site before and I couldn’t be happier that she’s back and with new photos for all the world to see. It makes me very happy and very sad that a woman like this exists.

More things that exist at Uncoached’s Facebook Page

The Madness

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Oct 30 2011

A Collection of Halloween Pranks worth Watching

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From all of us here at Uncoached to all of you out there, have yourselves a great Halloween and please don’t get caught up in a prank like any that are featured above.

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Oct 29 2011

My Kind of Halloween Costume

Published by under Pictures

So what are you guys going as this year?


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