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Sep 28 2011

Motivational Speaker Fails then Un-Fails

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This guy is trying to demonstrate that you can achieve the impossible if you put your mind to it. To show this, he’s attempting to break a board over his head when common sense says that is an absolutely terrible idea. He tries and fails a number of times, and somehow is still conscious enough to continue the video. In the end he does it, and changes the lesson to be about perseverance instead.

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Sep 28 2011

Sexy Bunny Outfits Is Always a Good Go To

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If there’s one thing that Huge Hefner made popular other than naked women in magazines it’s the Sexy Bunny costume.   I don’t know why he picked a bunny.   I don’t care why he picked a bunny.  All I know is that it works quite well.   It’d be pretty weird if we saw a bunch of sexy ducks though wouldn’t it?

Oh and by the way, we really don’t need Easter as an excuse to post bunny girls either do we?  Anytime of the year is a good time for a bunny girl.

More ladies after the jump…..

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Sep 28 2011

Six Unacceptable Hairstyles For Males

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For the last 6 months or so I’ve let the locks grow.  I’m not trying to be all Tom Brady or anything but it’s been a while since I’ve had long hair.   The reason I bring this up is because sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and ask myself “do I look like a dick?”

I mean there are times I have to slick the hair back and I wonder if people think I’m a slimy looking guy.   Lots of folks have actually said they like the look so I’ll assume it’s not horrible.

However, here are six looks that you simply can’t rock as a male….

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Sep 28 2011

Wednesday’s Wash: Sandra Lee Gropes Herself, How Food Tastes, and Low Life QBs

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Click on the photo to watch Sandra Lee drop the F Bomb

Someone leaked an semi-embarrassing outtake reel of Sandra Lee, the cougarlicious host of the Food Network’s “Semi-Homemade Cooking.”  This is something you definitely have to see.

More things you need to see at Uncoached’s Facebook Page

The Wash

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A bunch of low life quarterbacks the Raiders have taken on – [Unathletic]

Diana Morales is a model to remember – [Celebslam]

When you need celebrity cleavage – [Taxidrivermovie] (NSFW Ads)

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One of the greatest NFL pranks in history – [Flisted]

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Snooki will ruin your day just by existing – [Don Chavez]

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5 embarrassing moments in X-Ray tech – [Gunaxin]

Pictures of pro athletes in their college days – [Ego TV]

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Sep 27 2011

Kate Banks Leads the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more of Katie Banks

Meet cute Canadian Katie Banks. “I’ve been modelling now for about 2 years and I see no reason to ever stop,” she says. “At times it feels like a dream come true, this fairly unique life that I live, but I wake up every morning smiling and ready to dive right on in and start my day.”  Yay!

More Canadian girls at Uncoached’s Facebook Page

The Portfolio

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Sep 27 2011

10 Discontinued Foods to be Remembered

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If there’s one product I miss in a funny kind of way it’s Zima.  Remember that drink?  It was a subtle combination of Gatorade and Piss but it got you drunk.  Man I miss that drink from back in the day.

Speaking of missing drinks and/or foods, think about how many products out there that you might have loved and wondered “what the hell happened to those?”

Here are 10 products that don’t exist anymore that you’ll surely remember…..

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Sep 27 2011

She’s Uncoachable: Nina Moric Likes to Show Off

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If you ever have to visit Croatia, one model to look up would be Nina Moric.   There’s just something wonderful about her.  Perhaps it’s her willingness to parade around in bikinis.  Maybe it’s that she almost landed the lead female role in The Mask.  I just don’t know.

What I do know is that Nina is very attractive and very much deserves her own spot on this website.

More of Moric after the jump…..

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Sep 27 2011

It’s Not Physically Possible to be More Redneck

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I kid you not, I’m actually speechless about this. I’ve seen some redneck stuff in my day, but nothing like a pair of men’s underwear turned into, what is that supposed to be? A tank top? A sports bra? In any case, this is about the lowest run on the fashion ladder as I’ve ever seen. Truly amazing awful ingenuity here.

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Sep 27 2011

Ken Jennings’ Best Jeopardy Answer

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Ken Jennings’ moment of glory might have passed, but he will forever live on as the greatest Jeopady champion who wasn’t a robot. This is one of his best answers to a question on the show, and though he didn’t get credit for it, he absolutely should have without a doubt.

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Sep 27 2011

South Carolina is My New Favorite for Bikini Contests

Published by under Beautiful Ladies

For the record I’ve been saying this for the past 5 years.  I’ve always wanted to live in the Carolinas.   It’s warmer down there.   It’s cheaper down there.  And I can play golf all the time.

Oh and in case that’s not enough, now we have bikini contests to contend with.  Let’s take the Windjammer Bikini Bash in the Isle and Palms for example.

This thing just keeps on getting better and better…..

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