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Sep 29 2011

Six For Whatever Reason Likable Athletes

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This article is a tough one to explain but Bleacherreport did something like this yesterday.   They wrote about athletes who were bad boys but were liked anyway.   That’s how I’d describe my selections.

These are guys that for whatever reason, we root for.  They just seem likable.   As if no matter what they do off or on the field matters.  We’ll still like and root for them.

Hell, I root for these guys….

Plaxico Burress

Look, I’m definitely in the rooting camp for Plax.  I want to see him succeed on the playing field.   It’s a great comeback story.   Personally I don’t think he should have gone to jail at all.  Seems awfully much for shooting himself in the foot.   But Bloomberg wanted to make a point and it is what it is.  But let’s face it kids.  The dude had a gun on him, period.   It’s not exactly a role model position.   Yet we all want the guy to do well.  At least I know I do.

Michael Vick

This season Vick is finally showing signs that he might not be the star he was last year.   But that’s not even the point here.  The point is that he still has a humongous fan base in Atlanta and everyone is rooting for the guy.  Yes, he paid his debt to society.  We get that.  But come on!  I still can’t get over the fact that he killed dogs.  KILLED dogs.  Or at least condoned it.   Hey, I root for a comeback story like anyone else but I don’t root for Vick.  I’m neutral which is what most people should be.

Manny Ramirez

Manny being Manny!  This guy cheated for I’m guessing his entire career and yet we rooted for the guy.  Hell we even liked the guy.   And for what?  For being late to practice, a dick to his manager, a shitty left fielder who made it known he didn’t try all the time?  Through all the cheating and garbage the dude was loved by teammates and fans.   Lucky guy I guess.

John Daly

I root for John Daly every day of the year.   How could you not?  He’s the every man’s golfer.  The dude that has sick ability but looks like any other redneck.  He’s like the America’s golfer or something.  But let’s be real here.  He’s an alcoholic who does some bad stuff.  In fact, he’s really just a redneck.  Yet we root for him because he’s an athlete.  Even though if you knew this guy in real life without being an athlete you’d think he was a redneck.  Call me crazy but I love the guy too.

Mike Tyson

I love Mike Tyson.  After seeing him roast Charlie Sheen I loved him more.   I loved him as a kid.   I love his pigeon shit he does now.  I think it’s fantastic.   Sure it’s in a mocking kind of way.  But I still root for Tyson.  This guy beat his wife, bit half an ear off and said the most vicious and psychotic things known to man, yet we all love him now.   Forgive and forget I suppose.

Sean Avery

This New York Ranger somehow stays in our good books despite his postgame ranting, sloppy seconds taunting and on-ice trash talk.  He cleans up, puts on a designer suit and looks just nice enough for us to forget that he hates the French.  Yes, literally.  At least he supports Gay marriage.



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  • Peter

    I think the expression “speak for yourself” says it all. Most of those guys I wouldn’t piss on if they were on fire.



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