. David Cross Writes a Letter to Larry the Cable Guy |

Sep 29 2011

David Cross Writes a Letter to Larry the Cable Guy

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If you love David Cross (Tobias Funke) and hate Larry the Cable guy, then this video is for you. Cross apparently takes offense to Larry’s routine to such a degree, he actually sat down and wrote him a letter about it. This video is cross’s dramatic reading of what he had to say, and it’s absolutely hilarious, especially if you hate the kind of fake redneck comedy Larry has to offer. Check it out for yourself above.

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  • John G.

    Thank you David Cross, thank you. You very fairly and accurately responded to Larry the “phony” Cable Guy. I cannot express how happy this letter you wrote made me. You were able to articulate criticisms about Larry’s act and sense of humor clearly, especially his immensely racist and offensive jokes towards Muslims AND Arabs (a distinction in which I’m sure Larry does not understand). I find it hard to listen to such jokes and I’m a middle class white American. Larry calling you PC merely shows that he does not know what he’s talking about. Larry fails to realize the difference between edgy forward thinking humor, and offensively racist rhetoric that just simply crosses the line from humorous to tasteless. Don’t get me wrong I love non-politically correct humor, just check my DVR or list of favorite comedians. But as with everything in life, one can simply take it too far. David, I would even go a step further than you and state that Larry’s act is dangerous. His so called jokes help promote a hateful and racist attitude toward a group (some of whom are Americans like You, Larry, and myself) already and unreasonably under attack. Lastly, thank you for pointing out how awful it is that there is a group of people in this country that celebrate ignorance and anti-intellectualism. If that trend would become the prevailing thought in America, we would not only fall behind the rest of the world, we would also sooner or later be shunned by the rest of the world. I have already gone on to long, but I could not contain my joy over this letter. Thank you once again.



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