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Sep 26 2011

Five Unexpected Hassles of Owning a Website

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I happen to be the kind of person that enjoys a bit of predictability and routine in life.   So why I would go into a business with this much volatility is beyond me.   Then again I’m my own boss and I get to write silly stuff for a living.  Still though, owning a website isn’t all strawberries and puff cakes.

It’s a lot of work.   But I digress.   Working hard is normal.  That’s a given.  What’s not a given is some of the unexpected crap you have to deal with that really annoys you and gets in the way.

Here are five things us site owners can relate to that really piss us off….

The Server Stuff they Don’t Tell You

When you first own a website you think it’s great!  It’s growing, traffic goes up.  Yippee!  Then all of a sudden it doesn’t work?  Why?  Because the server you initially were on sucks and can’t handle the traffic.   Of course you didn’t know that and had to upgrade.   Then you find out your server isn’t set up right or your software isn’t compatible.  All these little wonderful things you had no clue about in the beginning.   Thankfully these issues can usually be resolved relatively quickly but they are annoying because most times they are out of your control.   Oh and let’s not forget about overage costs, bandwidth, all that fun stuff.  Oh and what if your server goes down on their end? Ahhhhhh!

The Ad Stuff They Don’t Tell You

So you want to make money on your site right?  Over the years plenty of unexpected things can happen with ad code.   It can jack up the look of your site.   God forbid a virus gets in there and Google shuts you down from even being seen!  It’s scary stuff that you can’t really control.  Obviously it’s best you not worry about it because you can’t do anything with the exception of having zero ads up.   Granted ads are good and help you earn revenue but this is just stuff you can’t predict.

The Coding Stuff they Don’t Tell You

Ah yes, coding.  What in the hell is that?  Say you want to run a video site or a coupon site.   Say you want to have a certain look.  Are you a programmer?  Because if you’re not you can’t just have everything look and operate the way you want it unless the site is coded properly.  And that’s a pain in the ass.

The Crazy Complaints They Don’t Tell you About

You’d be surprised at some of the ludicrous crap I’ve heard before.   Thankfully this happened only once but I did get a complaint of a photo that was posted three years ago!  It came from my server and if I didn’t remove some photo I had no clue about my site could have been taken offline.  It was crazy and completely harmless from my end but I certainly understood and complied.

It Can Become Quite Monotonous

This is really more for bloggers.   Getting up every single day and posting content after content after content can get quite boring.


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