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Sep 22 2011

Five Personal One Week Tests Every Guy Should Try

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One of the most amazing things I find about life is that I’m 100% happier when I’m setting goals for myself and achieving them.  Not only that, but keeping promises.   I don’t want to get all preachy but I find that the majority of society talks way too much and never backs it up.  “I’m gonna get in shape this year,” or “I’m gonna stop eating fatty foods.”

The problem with making these proclamations is that each time you lessen the chance of achieving your goal (i.e. eating junk food or not working out) you justify being allowed to stay lazy.  It’s a vicious cycle.

As a male, there are tons of “failures” we make for ourselves every single day.   To get on track, here are five things I think all of us guys should try for one week…just to see if we could pull them off…..

Go One Week Without Masturbating

Much easier said than done.  I suppose if you have a family then it’s way easier to do.   but if you’re single and you aren’t dating anyone this is one hell of a challenge.   And look at it this way.  If you can go one week without, do you realize how gratifying it is when you do actually masturbate again?   Just make sure you’re in a safe place with high ceilings.

Go One Week without Watching TV

For those of you out there who aren’t big on reading this is going to be a serious challenge.   Have you ever even gone a day without television?  Good luck doing an entire week.   I can tell you this.   It will probably be the most productive (or boring) week of your entire life.

Go One Week without Being on the Internet

This is especially tough for guys like me whose jobs are on the internet.  Still though, I think it’s important to try this at least once.   Imagine a week without emails, Facebook, fantasy sports scores.   Seriously, it’s damned near impossible but would be a major accomplishment if pulled off.

Go One Week Working Out Every Single Day

No you don’t have to lift weights every day but try doing cardio, something, anything, every single day for a week.  You’d be amazed how good you feel.

Go One Week Cooking Yourself Dinner Each Day

I used cooking more as an example of things you can clearly do for yourself but choose not to.   I’d say eating food is the easiest thing to get lazy with.   It’s much easier to order in or go out than to actually be responsible for yourself.  Try making your own meals and see how that goes.


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3 responses so far

  • Frank

    How about try fasting for a week?

  • lakawak

    This just shows how pathetic the “writers” at uncoached are, and why no real man should take them seriously. Most of these goals are VERY easy to achieve and quite frankly, ARE achieved by real men all the time without even considering them goals.

    If you can’t go a week without masturbating, you need to lose your virginity any way you can. And if you think it is impossible to cook your own dinner for 7 days, then you are not a real man.

  • JKFan

    I don’t get it. Are there really people outthere that DON’T occasioanlly go a full week doing some sort of exercise? Even in the SUMMER? It would never occur to me to NOT be extremely active in the summer. Whether it is weight trianing, or bike riding (easily every day for a month), volleyball, tennis or whatever. It is just unfathomable that anyone could think this is a challenge.



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