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Sep 21 2011

7 Popular Websites You Totally Forgot About

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Like many things in our fast moving culture, websites tend to go in and out of style very quickly.  With evolving technology and our attention spans turning to zero, unless you can move with the times and be aware of how people think in this day and age, you have very little chance of lasting long term.

Granted you should be happy you lasted at all.  Still though it seems like yesterday that some of our favorite websites were still in favor, not extinct, and turning heads.

Here are seven popular websites you forgot about…..


Yes the site still exists but do you go on it anymore?  Chances are you probably don’t.  At it’s peak, Hot or Not was seriously kicking ass.  But this is when it was novel.  This is when there weren’t tons of girl rating sites or even a girl rating culture.   Now pictures of amateur girls are everywhere.   Social networking has virtually replaced all the Hot or Nots of the world.


Yes, Friendster still exists.  And yes, it’s a pretty big site.  But do you, an American reading this site go on there anymore?  Didn’t think so.   Friendster is more focused on the European markets now anyway.  Still though, I definitely remember using that site before Facebook existed.


Hands down this was the number one used search engine in my life.  Netscape still exists only it’s been rolled into AOL.   So people don’t really think about Netscape as Netscape anymore.   I used to love that site.

Yahoo Geocities

Geocities has been shut down for nearly two years now but remember how big it used to be? I mean if you wanted to build a website and you didn’t know how?  Where the hell else did you go?  I sure as hell didn’t know.

The Best Page in the Universe

Remember Maddox?  The guy hasn’t written a post since April.  Yeah he still spits out a few sentences every six months these days but I’ll never forget when his site was all the rage.  I mean congrats to him because he now writes books and does very well for himself.  But I do miss his rants on young children and iphones.


Does anyone even know what this site used to be for? :)

Blue Mountain

I’ll never forget the times that sending e-cards were huge.   Granted it’s still a common practice but you sure as hell don’t see it on Blue Mountain anymore.  I don’t know about you guys but that was definitely my preferred site.  Nowadays Blue Mountain is part of American Greetings which might explain why the site isn’t pushed as hard as it used to be.

Go Network

Does anyone even know this existed.   Go Network was Disney’s attempt at a Yahoo-Like portal.  Now it’s just Disney and Disney is plenty big a site that can stand on its own.



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3 responses so far

  • Darkhawk

    napster was never a website. It was a program you downloaded.

    • Natty

      So Napster.com never worked huh?

  • Patrick

    I still go to those sites and my Windows 98 computer still has Netscape which I go to if a new computer of mine screws up



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