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Sep 20 2011

What 10 Popular Sites Looked Like At Their Launch

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Remember the days when the word Google was not a verb or something you said virtually every single day?  Remember when every site seemed to have a Netscape icon on it?  Remember when Flash was still something you cleaned your floor with?  In those times you were clearly using the web in the mid to late 1990s when pages were plain pieces of whatever containing lists of links and information.

Thanks to the waybackmachine internet archive, we’re still able to see how some of the Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 pioneers looked in their earliest incarnations.

Here are 10 worth noting….

Google – 1996

Facebook – 2004

Youtube – 2005

MSN – 1995

Twitter – 2006

Craigslist – 1995

Blogger – 1999

Flickr – 2004

Apple – 1996

Amazon – 1995


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