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Sep 19 2011

Where do We Draw the Line on Underage Females?

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I’m not really 100% sure what any of you will get out of this article but I felt it needed to be written.   The picture you see above you is of the latest Kardashian sister or should I say Jenner.   The girl’s name is Kendall Jenner and she’s 14 years old in this photo.

Now here’s the thing.   Any heterosexual male that as in interest in women is going to find this picture to be extremely sexy.   Can you blame anyone?  Seriously.    If I didn’t know the girl’s age here then clearly I’d be sending a photo like this to my friends saying “damn, who the hell is this?”  But immediately upon finding out that she’s 14 here I’m supposed to feel like crap right?

Which begs the question “where do we draw the line on underage females?”

I mean are we allowed to say they’re hot?  Remember when everyone was counting down the Emma Watson turns 18 thing?  How about the Olsen twins?  How about the fact that Hollywood male celebrities are allowed to date chicks that are 18 and it’s no big deal?  How about the fact that in Europe, age differences of 30 yrs mean nothing?

But a normal, working 9-5 dad isn’t allowed to say “damn that chick is hot” knowing that the girl is 15?  I guess there’s about a million variables at play here and it would probably take an entire book to write this out.  I think I’m just venting here.    I suppose it depends on whether said working man is a father of a teen.  Maybe that guy is someone who likes kiddie porn.  You see we don’t know these variables.  But I’m talking about dudes like me, hopefully you.  Dude that mentally know they wouldn’t take advantage of a younger female but simply want to say that she’s hot and they’d like to if they could.

I guess my whole point is that should it really be so taboo for a male to think a teenage girl is attractive, especially when she looks like she could be 25?  I didn’t say that he was allowed to date the girl.   I’m just saying I’m kind of tired of the judgments and the automatic “you’re disgusting” type of response.

Also, from what I understand the whole reason for “underage” laws is because of mental and emotional capacity, not physical.  Afterall it can’t be physical because more than half the young girls you see out there look 10 years older than they are.   Hell I saw a girl who was fully developed, I thought she was amazingly hot and later heard she was 12, yes 12!  Am I to feel guilty that she was super attractive?  I can’t.  I won’t.   It doesn’t mean I’m going to be with the girl.  It just means if a girl is attractive, she’s attractive.   It is what it is.  Some develop early and you can’t help it.   I just felt horrible for her father.  I 100% thought she was between 18-21.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Kendall Jenner looks ridiculously hot in that picture and if I didn’t know her age, clearly I’d be making sexual remarks.  It’s simply not fair.  There’s gotta be some sort of written handbook on underage stuff out there.

I feel I have made zero points other than to say, “damnit, some girls who are 14 yrs old are really hot if you don’t know that they’re 14.”  Technically they’re still hot, you’re just not allowed to admit it.


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  • http://whatuhwhy.tumblr.com/ MrRiggs

    That girl is only 14 in the picture, my gosh. I feel dirty now thanks Uncoached! ;)

  • TheLine

    The line that needs to be drawn is by the parent(s) of these girls. Stop treating them like they’re 25. It’s not a race. A 14 year old girl should act and look lke a 14 year old girl (posed on the beach in a bikini does not accomplish this). A girl like this looks like shes 20+ because her mommy (or daddy) is reliving some lost moment of adolescence. Get over it!
    As for the rest, there’s a big difference between saying “that is a beautiful young woman” and saying “dude, I’d sure like to hit that”. Have some respect, regardless of their age.

    And yes, I’m the father of 3 daughters.

  • http://www.eurofranziskeiner.uk Eurofranziskeiner

    “How about the fact that in Europe, age differences of 30 yrs mean nothing?”

    Says who? I live in Europe and an age difference of 30yrs is considered extremely weird. Also: women shave around here. Knock it off with your dumb stereotypes!

  • lilo

    There’s nothing to feel guilty about.
    It’s just as you said, if she’s attractive then it is what it is. That doesn’t mean you’re going to break the law. It’s the exact same as looking at any other hot chick; admiring beauty and propositioning are completely different.
    As men we are biologically programmed to find the features of a female at the peak of her development attractive. When you see a girl your brain will instantly judge her quality as a mate before anything else. Can’t stop it so don’t try. This usually is communicated in a simple manner like “damn, she’s hot!”

    If anyone tries to give you crap then punch them in the face for being an overzealous tool.

  • Jonathen

    Clearly this girl shouldn’t be in a provocative photo if she is only 14. In every guys defense though, I thought she was around 20 before I read the article.

  • klaatu

    I read in an article on legal ages in various states that Missouri has a corollary to its law that if a minor looks adult and pretends to be an adult, you can’t be charged with statutory rape or corrupting a minor. Looking at that Kendall Jenner photo makes you realize how easy it is for such a girl to get some guy in serious trouble with just an accusation. I think all states need such a clause to protect people against such abuse, otherwise how do you know the truth?

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