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Sep 14 2011

8 Scenes in Sports Movies that Give you The Chills

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Notice I didn’t necessarily say “make you cry” in the title.  Granted some of these scenes definitely make you tear up a bit.   But I think the angle I’m really going for is the fact that some scenes in movies really pump you up.  They make you want to do things.  They make you want to get out there and improve your life.

For us guys, many of these scenes are related to sports.  It’s just how we’re wired.   So I decided to come up with a decent list of scenes that will get you out there wanting to do better.

Enjoy the clips after the jump….

Hoosiers – “I’ll Make It”

I swear to God every single time I hear that line I get goose bumps.  Hell even when I think about it it makes me excited.

The Final Swing in The Natural

Never has there been a moment you knew was going to happen more, and yet you still get 100% excited every single time you see it.

Wild Thing in Major League

If you’ve ever been to a playoff game in MLB and the closer comes out?  This is about as close to feeling that as you can get.

Rocky II When they Both Go Down

The first Rocky didn’t have too many surprises.  Granted it was awesome.  But I think in this one, no one had a clue that they’d both go down on that final punch.

“Wanna Have a Catch?” – Field of Dreams

I had to add a really sappy one in here but come on, this is most males favorite emotional scene in any movie ever.

Rudy Gets a Sack in Rudy


After watching the movie in its entirety you feel so great watching this moment take place.

Almost anything in The Rookie

I loved this movie.

Friday Night Lights Halftime Speech

Plenty of halftime speeches to choose from but I think this one’s the best.



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3 responses so far

  • Kurt

    I’d put the Tin Cup hole-out way above any Major League scene.

    • Natty

      That’s bold though I love that scene.

  • Zac

    I would put Pedro Cerrano’s game-tying home run on this list instead of the Wild Thing scene.



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