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Sep 12 2011

7 People and Bands You’re Not Allowed to Turn off When They’re On the Radio

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The other day I was in the car and I heard something pretty funny from my wife.   The song “Sussudio” was playing on the radio and my wife told me that when any song featuring Phil Collins is playing on the radio you’re not allowed to turn it off.

I’m not sure who made up that rule but I found it to be quite funny.   Not only did I find it funny, I found it to be “appropriate” somehow.  There are just some people that when you hear them on the radio you simply don’t turn their music off.

I’m not sure what the criteria is.  Perhaps it’s nostalgic music.   Perhaps it’s that they don’t have much new music these days?  Whatever it is, here are 7 such examples….

Phil Collins

As I stated in the intro it’s just hard to imagine flipping through the radio, coming across Phil Collins and turning him off.   Whether it’s Genesis or just him solo, how can you do that?  Usually it’s “In the Air Tonight,”  “Sussudio,” or “Land of Confusion” that comes on and you simply have to let those songs play out.

Huey Lewis and The News

Do you realize how good their early 80s stuff is?”  I mean take your pick of their singles.   It’s ridiculous.  Now they try to do new blues stuff which is horrible.  But anytime a song with the likes of “Power of Love,”  “Heart of Rock and Roll,”  or “This is It” or literally about 6 others come on it would be a crime to turn them off.

The Go Go’s

I had to get a girl band in their and since The Go Go’s write their own music I figured they deserved a spot on here.   The Go Go’s were such a fun band and whenever you hear “Vacation” or “We got the Beat” it puts you in a nostalgic great mood.

Billy Joel

I don’t think Joel has created a new song in about 30 years and yet people still line up to see him play his old stuff.  Same goes for the radio.  Take your pick of about 35 songs from the late 70s through 80s and you won’t have a problem leaving the radio on.   His old stuff is simply that good.

The Beastie Boys

I wish these guys would come up with a new rap album soon.  They had a pure instrumental album come out in 2007 but I hadn’t really heard much of it.   I think Hello Nasty was probably their last good commercial album and clearly their old 80s rap stuff is what I’m talking about here.  Anything from “License to Ill” is pure gold.


Come on folks.  Did you really think I’d leave these guys off?  No chance.

Billy Ocean

You’d be surprise at how many hits Ocean had.  People think it’s just “Going Gets Tough” and “Get Into My Car” that Ocean claimed, but it’s not.  Granted those two songs are enough to warrant a spot for Ocean on this list.   Plus I saw the guy live a couple of years ago and I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for him.


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  • http://gplus.to/mattgoldey MattG

    Beastie Boys released “Hot Sauce Committee part 2″ 4 months ago and it’s one of their best albums ever.



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