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Sep 07 2011

Four Physically Bad Things You Loved To Have as a Kid But Hate Now

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As an adult I know that I get sincerely pissed off when something breaks my routine.    God forbid the power goes out or some kind of leak starts to happen.  Anything that screws with my schedule really pisses me off.

Even worse?  When that malady happens to be myself.  I can’t stand getting sick, having to go to the doctor, any of that stuff.   You sit there miserable only hoping to get back to the normal crap routine you already had.

As a kid though, there are some bodily things that were in essence crappy that you kind of thought were cool.  Here are five of them….

Any Kind of Sickness Preventing School

When a child goes to the length of trying to heat up a thermometer to miss school you know that when a real sickness comes around they’re psyched.   I used to love having a fever.   You’d have people take care of you and you got to watch tons of TV.   As a kid you don’t let the sickness bother you.  You only think how awesome it is not to go to school.

An Awesome Scab

Children love to point out their “boo boos.”  Ever notice that?   Granted the actual event of acquiring a scab usually leads to crying.  But as soon as it’s all better that mark winds up being an attention getter.    Plus picking scabs as a kid was a really fun thing to do.

Black and Blue Marks

Along the same lines of a scab is the black and blue mark.   Hell even today having a cool black and blue mark is generally a sign of toughness or exertion.    You’re letting the world know “yeah, I got into some shit, what’s up.”

Broken Bones That Require a Cast

Again, here’s one that sucks to have happen but you wind up getting your self a nice little memento.   Kids loving having their friends sign casts.   As a kid, having a cast isn’t as big a deal.   Yeah school is a little weirder but it’s not nearly as bad as having a cast and having to go to work every single day.

*I was thinking of putting braces in here but braces suck for a person of any age.





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