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Sep 06 2011

The Five Best Jobs You Had When you Were Young

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I actually did the math on how many jobs I’ve had in the world prior to becoming an internet person.   Amazingly since the age of 22 I’ve carried eight of them.  Yes, eight jobs.   And that doesn’t include jobs I had when I was in college.

If I ever think fondly about work, it’s definitely revolved around the jobs I had when I was younger.   It’s almost like you’re not working.  You’re just saving money to party and having a decent time at it.  At least that’s how I felt back in the day.

Here are five awesome jobs you had when you were younger….


If you ever have a chance to see the movie Lifeguard you have to.  It might be one of the worst movies in history but it still illustrates how awesome a job it is.   I was a lifeguard at a country club.  Unfortunately I never slept with any hot wives but I got to boss people around, had a great tan, got paid well and went out every single night.   Personally I think it’s about the best job there is for a young person.  If you’re a beach lifeguard it isn’t so great.  That’s real work.


If you’re struggling to meet the opposite sex, get your bartender’s license and wind up tending the bar.   It’s a fantastic job to meet people.  The pay is excellent, plus it’s mostly cash.   Free drinks.   I mean how often in the social spectrum are you always the center of attention?  At bar people have no choice but to talk to you.  It’s awesome.

Camp Counselor

Ideally you want to be a camp counselor at one of those awesome mountainous sleepaway camps that has an Indian name.  Seriously it’s like going to camp all over again only you get paid.  You do all the fun activities you used to do only you’re in charge of a bunch of little squirts.   Plus the likelihood of hooking up with someone of the opposite sex is very very high.

Delivery Guy/Girl

People might think this job sucks.   Honestly there are times when it does.   But for the most part it’s pretty fun.  You’re driving around, getting to know neighborhoods and listening to music in your car.  Depending on where you deliver you can actually make decent coin.   I delivered in some wealthy areas and was pulling down nearly 500 a week in cash.   Not bad.   Plus if you’re at a place with good food, free food is always a great bonus.

Nearly Any Internship

Every single job in the entire world seems awesome when you don’t actually have it.  Which is why internships are a bunch of fun.   It makes it seem like the real world is awesome.   So at the time you have an internship you get all gitty at the prospects of having a cool job like the one you’re interning for.   In reality most jobs completely suck.

*I’d have put teen tour counselor on here but it’s kind of the same as camp counselor.   I’d also have to say that working on any Golf Course is probably awesome.   You really can’t play free golf in too many places these days.



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  • cj

    Camp Counselor! I spent a summer doing that – the best job ever! Got my first kiss at camp!



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