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Sep 06 2011

Oh White People

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Now I understand why other races get upset about being stereotyped by white people. As it turns out, it doesn’t feel so good when the shoe is on the other foot, and I would hope that no one would draw any conclusions about me based on the actions of these idiots. What would you call this? Emocore? Gothpunk? Whatever it is, those involved need to be invited to a rave on the surface of the sun so we don’t ever have to witness something like this again.

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  • cj

    Good grief – watching this just made me feel……old…….no – wait a minute…I’m not THAT old – these kids are just plain retarded (I’m sorry – that was a bit politically incorrect….they are “challenged”)

  • SomeWhiteGuy

    White people don’t care what other races think of them. It’s like when a black guy calls a white guy a honkey. It’s nothing, meaningless. I laugh when I hear it because it’s so absurd to think of it as an insult.

    Now call a black guy the N word and, oh boy!

  • kj

    if i had a kid like this i’m not sure how long it would be until i stopped beating him

  • Duhh

    Could be worse, these kids could be out killing someone or stealing your car stereo or something..LOL Also at least they are doing something that resembles some form of exercise vs the rest of their age group who never unplugs from their xbox or computer.. Different strokes for different folks.

  • wth

    wat the hell really ppl. common get a life er a job or somethin……….shit. i mean yeah it could be worse. but lol i dont see that. i c ppl comppletly burnt out haha. sorry i woulda toar this comment up bad but figured id be nice.



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