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Sep 05 2011

7 Brutal Wipeouts of the X Games

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The amount of balls the people who compete in the X Games (including women) is beyond me.   On the one hand you’re thinking these people are just flat out dumb.   On the other you realize how skillful and amazing some of the feats these people do are.

But have you ever seen any other competitions where accidents are this common?  No way.   The degree of difficulty is just way to high.   Yet we will continue having X Games for years to come.   The sport has just come too far.

Just in case you’re thinking of becoming an Extreme sports star, check out these wipeouts first…..

Thanks to Bleacher Reports Top 25 that enabled us to comb through and pick out 7.

Nixey Danielson Crash at X Games 14

Danielson crashed while attempting to land a jump, flying over his handlebars. If you pause it at the 2:23 mark, you can actually see his legs break.

Travis Pastana at X Games 15

Pastana happens to be one of the best X games competitors of recent memory. But even the best go down.

Gretchen Bleiler at Winter X Games 13

After awaking from a very brief coma, it appears that she was fine. What’s weird is how long it took for someone to come to her aid. What the hell?

Jamie Bestwick at X Games 14

The difficulty level here may have been to high as Jamie went for that extra spin. Folks, always wear a helmet.

Carey Hart at X Games 7

This is when backflips on motorcycles weren’t as common so man oh man. Check out the air he gets. It was wrong from the get go.

Danny Way at X Games 15

One of if not the biggest skate crash ever at a competition. That one was hard to watch.

Jake Brown at X Games 13

This is absolutely horrible. And right after he landed a near impossible 720. I can’t imagine what his back felt like.

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