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Sep 02 2011

Five Positive Effects that Hurricanes Have on Us Humans

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The reason I used the word “humans” is because there are tons of effects that hurricanes have on our ecosystem.  Be it a negative or a positive, weather certainly affects and changes our world in both the immediate and long terms.

But how about us?  How about our lives?  Remember that hurricane Irene shattered some lives and even destroyed some towns.   As we speak damage is still being fixed and residual effects of the hurricane are still being felt.

And while negative usually outweighs the positive, I still think there are some beneficial elements to a hurricane of Irene’s magnitude.   I selected five after the jump….

They Allow You To Appreciate Life

The most unfortunate events are the ones that usually make people appreciate life the most.   It’s a shame that tragedy does this but it does.  I wish I could appreciate life more when it’s just “normal.”   But after hurricane Irene I appreciated nearly everything.   Some towns were completely underwater and I was bitching about my power.   It really puts things into perspective.

They Force you to be Proactive

How often do we really take steps to protect our lives and well being?  While I thought it was overboard that people were going nuts buying flashlights, it still showed human spirit.  It showed when it counted we wanted to be prepared.  It’s just a shame we’re not like this all the time.

They Make you 100% more Productive

Imagine a life without lights, without internet, without cable, without phones?  I found myself doing things I never do when the lights are on.   I read more.  I spent more time talking with my wife.   It made me realize that these things we take for granted are luxuries, not necessities.  We for me their necessary to make a living but you know what I mean.

They Bring Family and Friends Closer

During the hurricane I remember constantly checking on my parents and siblings.   We were all looking out for one another and it felt good.  Even though the hurricane was a big negative, it brought us closer.   And since 9/11 is coming up, it’s the same type of situation.  While that event was tragic, it did bring the nation together…if only for so long.

They Force Change Moving Forward

Just like 9/11 did, Hurricane Irene provided a wake up call.   It provided a basis for which to change and move forward.  It allowed us to think ahead and to take measures to improve our situation if God forbid another hurricane were to ever strike.



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