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Sep 01 2011

Five Things Most of Us Should Do Less Of In Our Own Homes

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I’m not sure if this article is meant to be therapeutic for me because I work from home or if it’s intended for the general public.  Regardless I thought it should be written.   You see for me, my home is both a place of business as well as a nice safe haven for my own comfort.

However, the worst thing someone can do is mix the two.   When you don’t know the difference between one environment and another you can run into problems and not have the kind of productive life you should have.

I find that these five things take up way too much of my time and prohibit me from pursuing other, more rewarding interests….


Well this goes for every single person who is overweight.  It may be an obvious one but it’s true.  I feel like I spend a super amount of time eating in my own house.  And I’m not saying people should be going to restaurants.   That has nothing to do with it.  You can still save money and not eat inside your home.  How about eating outside?  How about a park bench with a nice view?  Unfortunately I do none of these things but I know if I did it’d be a nice break from the work at home lifestyle.

Watch Television

This goes without saying but did you know the average American watches more than 5 hrs of television a day?  That’s more than half a work day!  You know what that means?  If someone wakes up at 7:30  and goes to work, then gets home at 6, they are watching TV virtually the WHOLE time before bed.  That’s simply unacceptable.  Get a hobby people!


Checking emails, blackberry’s, iPads, text messages, you name it.  This ALL counts as work.  It may not feel like it because you’re not in the office but it’s still work and it still means your mind is on work, and that’s a no no.

Staring at the Internet

When there’s nothing to do around the house, ever find yourself staring at the computer and refreshing?  You just expect some great news story to pop up when you’re really just bored.   In these times, take a walk, take a drive, get the hell out of there!  The internet can be your friend but also your worst enemy.


Masturbating once in a while or even once a day isn’t a bad thing.   But to all you college kids and adolescents out there.  There’s definitely more to life.  I promise you.



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