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Aug 31 2011

Five Real Ways To Spot a Former Fraternity Guy

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A few weeks ago I read an article from Guyism on spotting a former fraternity member.   The article cited seven different ways that you can do this.   If I were to take a guess I would say that the article bordered mostly on sarcasm.   And that’s perfectly fine because it made for an entertaining piece.

But that got me thinking.  What are the true signs, and I’m talking stuff that really really works, that can tell you if someone used to be in a fraternity?

Here are five that I’m pretty sure will work…..

Still Wears Fraternity or School Party Shirts

There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you still own particular shirts from college.   Hell I wish I held onto mine.  But there’s about a zero percent chance I would wear these in public.   So while this is an obvious one, it should still be mentioned because it’s kind of pathetic.

Still Makes Fun of you About Not Drinking Enough

Don’t you hate these types?  I was at a steak house trying to enjoy my meal when one guy was giving me shit for not drinking fast enough.  Really dude?  And how old are we?   The drinking contests ended when I was 22.   They don’t have to continue in the real world.

Finds ways to Haze People

The biggest culprit here would have to be anyone in the corporate world who picks on lower level associates.  Think finance, lawyers, people like that.  The ones who trample on lowly analysts and new recruits as if they’re pledges.  It’s really no different in these environments only in this land you have to pay your bills and don’t get to bang college girls.

Member of “Might as Well Be” Frat Groups Now

Think of things like Fantasy Sports or being members of particular clubs.  There’s still that sense of masculinity and wanting to belong.   So why not seek out something just like a fraternity?  Makes sense.

Drunk at certain inappropriate times and places

This is one I happen to agree with from the Guyism article.    They mentioned  dudes getting drunk at charity events.   I will expand this to include making it a point to be drunk at virtually any event with alcohol.   Essentially a guy that acts as though he were in college only in the real world when it comes to drinking was probably a fraternity guy.



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