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Aug 26 2011

6 Items You Should Always Have in Your Wallet

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There are some people who carry around wallets and have very little going on in there.   Then there are some people who carry nearly their entire lives in their wallets.   So what’s the balance?  Is there a middle ground?

I think that there is.  While you don’t need to have a receipt from 16 years ago roaming around in your wallet there are definitely some essentials that should go in there.

Here are six items I think every wallet needs….

Cash but Not Too Much Cash

You should always have 20 bucks on you.  It’s just necessary.  Sucks to be walking around with 3 singles.   I hate that feeling.   On the flip side too much cash isn’t great in case you get robbed.  Also, it’s annoying when a fat wad makes your wallet really uncomfortable to hold.

ATM Card

In the event you don’t actually have cash on you and in fact need it I’d say it’s quite necessary to hold onto your ATM card in your wallet.  Assuming you always carry your wallet then you don’t have to think about it.

Credit Cards

I happen to be someone who doesn’t believe in having too many credit cards.  It’s just not the greatest idea.   But if you do have more than 3 then I suggest having 1-2 cards max in your wallet.

Driver’s License

Clearly you’re a moron if you don’t carry your license in your wallet.   I don’t think I need to go into much else.

Insurance Cards

Why?  Because it’s the most annoying feeling when you go to the doctor and forget your card.   It’s happened to me before and I’ll never let it happen again.


It’s nice to have at least one nice picture in your wallet.  If anything to put a smile on your face that day.

*For guys I guess you could say “condom” but whatever

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