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Aug 25 2011

Seven Pretty Random and Strange Music Videos

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I have to admit that I wasn’t even aware that they still made music videos.   All of MTV appears to be reality shows these days.  When the hell do they have time to squeeze them in?  And honestly who really cares anymore?

I guess it’s cool to see a cool video once in a while but whatever.   For some reason though, there are videos out there that have nothing to do with the song and wind up being pretty strange.

Here are seven that fit the bill……

Thanks to Listverse for some of these picks.

99 Problems by Hugo

It’s always weird to hear a rap song that’s been turned into a country song.  But as if that’s not weird enough, the video features someone in a pig mask, iguanas, and needles.

Parasitic by Psychlon Nine


I’m not a fan of these really shaky feel videos but they exist, and here’s one of them.   Total weirdness.

Sober by Tool


This video just doesn’t match the song.  I happen to like this song a lot.  I would want this video to simply be of the band rocking out.  But instead what the hell is this little character they got crawling around?  Totally random.

The Outside by A Perfect Circle


I just like watching hot chicks but there is absolutely no reason for them here.  Then again most commercials and ads have no basis for hot girls either.

How You Like Me Now by The Heavy


For such a groovy, hip, popular song this video is pretty random.  Hell I can accept the band playing in the woods somewhere.  But what the hell is that weird animated chick character?  I mean really?  What does that have to do with anything?

Heard it All Before by Mudvayne


Obviously you need to include an insane metal band.  They always make weird shit.

Closer by Nine Inch Nails

I can’t describe how random this is.  From the hanging bull skull to the weird masks worn to the wind machine picking up.   What the hell is going on here?  It’s a great song but I had to feature Nine Inch Nails at some point.



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