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Aug 24 2011

5 Internet Phenomenons That Make No Sense To Me

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I’d like to think I have a reasonable take on what can become popular and what can’t.  But if there’s anything the internet has taught us, it’s that no one ever completely knows.

I think it’s safe to say that after the “Leave Britney Alone!” video, the internet had become a much less safer place for all of us.  I mean if that dude can be popular for a week then I think anything can.

Still though, there are some phenomenons I can’t quite get a grip around.  Here are 5 of them….

LOL Cats

Let me start off by saying that I have the utmost respect not to mention jealousy for the Cheezburger Network. They took an idea, ran with it, and never looked back.   But what the hell?  Pictures of Cats with captions spelled wrong?  I have no idea this turned into a network that does over a BILLION page views a month but again, more power to them.   The internet is proof you just never know what will stick.


I get what memes are but I don’t understand why they’re so popular.  Further proof that I have no idea what’s going on with the internet.   Remember the whole Keanu Reeves sad face meme?  People just plastered his one sad looking face picture onto a zillion others.  This happens over and over with just about anything.   I get it and all but Jesus it’s just way too popular.

Angry Birds

Someone please explain that to me.  Please.


OK I get what Cosplay is.   I just find it ludicrous that the world goes nuts when they think of something as “Cosplay” and not just use the word Costume?  I mean all it is is dressing up and wearing costumes but because it’s the word “Cosplay” gamers all around the world flock to this stuff.  I just don’t get it.  It’s costumes!  That’s it!

Virtual World Games

Games like Second Life or even World of Warcraft are taking over reality.  It’s quite sad really.   Number one, people are actually cheating on their spouses by meeting people from these games.  Number 2.   These games are taking up WAY too much of people’s time.  Number 3?  A guy sold a virtual piece of land for a real $600,000 this year.   I have no words….


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