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Aug 23 2011

Seven Essentials for Making The Most of a Really Long Drive

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I’m not sure what technically constitutes a “really long drive” but I’ll venture to say anything that gives you that really stretchy feeling when you get out of the car.  The one where you kind of have to get hold of yourself for a few minutes.  It may vary for most people but I would say 3 hours or more would be considered a long drive.

And I have to say, there’s nothing worse than making one of those long drives without the proper essentials.   It sucks when you have to go to the bathroom or there’s really bad traffic or about 6 million other things that can ruin that trip.

So in order to make the best of it, here are seven essentials you need….

Some kind of Meal, Not Just Snacks

You might think that a couple of granola bars will get you through but I just get hungrier.   Last week I drove to Boston.  It was nearly a five hour drive.  I started off with an egg sandwich, waited three hours and then had a turkey sandwich.  It was perfect and I felt decent the whole way.

Backup Direction Plan

Google Directions are great and all but if you make one mistake you could be in trouble.   Nothing’s worse than having to find a gas station and ask people.   Invest in a GPS, it’s worth the money.


If you don’t have Sirius XM then get it.  If you refuse to get it then please be able to hook up an iPod or have a CD player in your car.   God it sucks when there’s nothing on the radio.  Time just doesn’t get killed when there’s no music.

Mental Time Wasters, Goals

If someone is in the car with you, play stupid word games or trivia.   If not, then you have to motivate yourself.  I love doing little “sprints.”  Like if I know the trip is blocks of 40 mile stretches on different roads then I know it’s around 7-8 songs per stretch, etc etc.  Ya dig?

Departure Time

Avoid traffic at all costs.   Traffic on a long ass trip makes that trip way longer.  Not just a little bit longer.   I once got to Boston in under 4 hours and it was 262 miles.   I also did the same trip in 6 and a half hours.  You might not like waking up earlier but do it.   Trust me.


You will feel like total shit if you don’t drink enough water.  Period.

Bathroom Control

I know I just mentioned fluids but make sure you go to the bathroom before you leave.  Nothing’s worse than having to go 20 minutes into your trip.  Total buzzkill.



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