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Aug 22 2011

Six Superficial Traits Women Look for in a Man

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Believe it or not it’s not only “a sense of humor” that will lure a woman to a man.   While that’s usually the number one answer and a huge help it’s not the only trump card in the deck.   And despite the reputation that women have at not being as pick when it comes to appearance, that’s not all true either.

Women may say appearance doesn’t always matter but even those who aren’t too choosy still have their standards.  And even if the standards aren’t high, they are still standards.

Hell, some of them even have to do with science, and you can’t argue with science.   Here are six superficial traits women look for in a man….

Good Hair

Elaine said it on Seinfeld with the line “Sorry George.”  While women may say they don’t mind baldness they certainly don’t complain when a man has a great head of hair.   It’s just the way it is.


It’s one thing to be a complete and utter meterosexual.  It’s another to look like a grizzly bear.  Women are usually accommodating and allow a degree of mess but you gotta show at least some effort at keeping clean and not smelling like a garbage dump.

Adequate Equipment

No, I’m not saying the a huge penis is a cure all for your women woes.   However, I will say that having something that’s simply too small might not get the ball rolling with the lady of your choice.  Most women like a “good fit” but they certainly don’t like pinkies.

A Good Walk

American human behavioralist David Lieberman says men who walk  with a manly stride ooze sex appeal. He notes  flexibility is what makes people look young when they walk and looking young is always a winner in the sexy stakes.

Symmetrical Face

Studies have shown that Mother Nature makes the most beautiful people match both sides. In research, women are more likely to pick a man with a symmetrical face than not and figures show that people with symmetrical bodies usually lost their virginity much younger and have more sexual partners than their lop-sided pals.

When Other Women Like Him

University of Aberdeen psychologist Ben Jones and his team tested the impact that the opinions of others has on our perception of beauty. They were shown a video in which the same faces were displayed. Each man was being looked at by a woman smiling or one showing a bored expression. The women were more attracted to the men being smiled at.





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