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Aug 19 2011

Five Buzzkills in Your Morning Bathroom Routine

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No one likes to wake up in the morning.  It sucks.   There’s just no getting around it.   And if there’s one thing you don’t want, it’s for something to go wrong as you go through the morning routine.

That routine pretty much sets the stage for your day and God forbid something screws up.   As most of this routine takes place in the bathroom, here are five things that I can’t stand going wrong….

The Horrible Wiper

Don’t even tell me you don’t know what this is.  If you’re like me you generally drop one early in the morning before going to work.  There is no worse feeling than when you have to wipe like 600 times because whatever you ate for dinner last night crept up on your during sleep and entered your bowels.   God I hate that.

Gums Bleeding from Brushing Your Teeth

It doesn’t happen often but sometimes inexplicably your gums start to bleed as you are brushing your teeth.  You have no idea why as you’re not changing anything in your brushing pattern.  It’s just one of those things that totally sucks.

When the Hot Water Takes too Long

You’re in a hurry.  You want to wash your face, hands, whatever.   You have that water running, and running, and running, and it just doesn’t heat up.   I absolutely hate washing my face with cold water.  It’s a terrible way to start the day.   And washing your hands?  It’s even worse.   Just one of those crappy things.

Anything that “Ran Out” and Your Forgot

The worst is clearly toilet paper and you go running to a different bathroom or have to reach the drawers with your pants down.   Obviously the worst is when you literally run out and you’re screwed.   Using tissues just isn’t the same.   Running out of toothpaste also kind of sucks as does soap in the shower.  Like I said, running out of anything.

Just Can’t get that Hair Right

There are those days where you just keep messing and messing and nothing right happens.  All the gel and water in the world won’t fix this thing.   Then you have to leave and suffer a pretty lame hair day.  I mean right from the get go you know your day will suck.

*Unexpected pimples blow though that’s not your fault



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