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Aug 18 2011

Yet Another Fabulous Sexy Emo Girl Gallery

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I’ve explained and ranted about my distaste for the Emo generation plenty of times.   I’m just not a fan of people who act like they don’t care.  If you don’t care then why go through all the trouble of wearing those clothes and having that style if nothing matters?

Clearly you care about appearing to not care right?  Right.   But despite my annoyance with this group, all nasty thoughts go out the window when I’m blurred by a great body or face.   It’s just the nature of being a man.

So without further adieu, here are hot emo girls…..

She might act like she doesn’t care but she sure as hell knows what she’s doing.

More Emo hotness below

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  • Frank

    I expect more from you, Natty.

    The proper form is “without further ado”; an ado is a hubub, bustle, flurry, or fuss. Another common phrase, from the title of a Shakespeare play, is “much ado about nothing.”

    I can’t be certain why people get it wrong, but the substitution of “adieu” for “ado” is what linguists call an eggcorn–when people confuse two words that sound the same. The name comes from a discussion on the Language Log about a woman who thought the word for acorn was “eggcorn.”

    In some instances, it is also possible to see how people could mistakenly believe the meaning of “adieu”–goodbye–makes sense in the saying. For example, if people want to leave without further excessive farewells, it may seem logical to say something such as “without further adieu, we’re off to the movies.” Although it may seem logical, it’s not correct. If you mean “goodbyes,” you’d have to use the plural: “adieus.”


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  • quinn

    i know who one of the girls is…please tell me who the girl in the first row 4th down with the white top and pierced lips is



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