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Aug 16 2011

Six Really Small “Injuries” that Cause Big Problems

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It’s one thing if you get smashed up by a car or get an illness that leaves you bed ridden for months.   In these circumstances it’s completely understandable when you’re out of commission and can’t do the normal physical activities you like to do.

But you know what sucks more than anything?  When you get some tiny injury that really shouldn’t be bothersome at all but it winds of affecting you for way longer than you’d hoped.

Here are six little injuries that have big impacts….

Blisters on your Fingers or Toes

It’s unbelievable what a tiny blister can do to you.   In baseball it’s taken pitchers out for months.  In golf?  Forget about it.  You get some small ass blister in Golf and your whole swing is screwed.   Or even simply things like picking up a spoon or a fork.   Getting blisters really blows.

Cold Sores

It’s a small little thing in the grand scheme of things but have you ever gotten the kind of cold sore that affects the way you eat?  Totally sucks.  Try chewing on one site of your mouth for like 3 days.  Or how about not being able to chew on either side for a few days?  These are little things but definitely screw you over.

Paper Cuts in the Right Places

It might be just small little cut but in the right spot these little buggers can affect the way you use your hands or even toes.   It’s the same concept as a blister only with a cut.   They’re brutal.

Chipped Tooth

There are some instances where you can barely even feel a chipped tooth but you’ll certainly see one.  And these are annoying in two ways.  One, they obviously can be an aggravation with your appearance.  And second, if they’re not treated right away you never know what kinds of infections they can lead to.

Water in the Ear

This happened to me the other day.  You think you get the water out.  Some stays in.  The next day you’re entire ear hurts and you don’t know why.   If you can’t get the water out of your ear some major pain can hit you and for extended periods of time.

A Broken Nail

This is similar to the blisters, cuts, as well as water in the face.   Not only will this hurt and affect your hand but this is another when that if not treated right away can lead to serious problems in your fingers.




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