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Aug 15 2011

The Jerky Boys Ruled: Don’t Hang Up Tough Guy

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You know how sometimes you get nostalgic for things you loved in the past, see them again and realize they’re not as good as they used to be?  This could be a comedy movie for example.  You see it as a teen and think it’s hilarious and notice that later on in life it’s just not that funny anymore.

Well I’m here to say that the Jerky Boys do NOT fit that description.   I’m not sure if any of you ever saw the video “Don’t Hang Up Tough Guy” but this is one of the finest pieces of comedy in history.  For the record this video is a series of amazing pranks from the Jerky Boys where they take over a public telephone, take over a grocery store, invade the offices of MTV, and take over a NYC tour bus.

And even today, I still laugh my ass off.  Luckily there are 5 clips out there that we can still watch on Youtube.  I’ve of course embedded them after the jump.

Taking over the phone booth

As my friend Nick pointed out, check out the clip at 18 seconds in.   The way he says “hello” is absolutely hilarious.  It’s so subtle and sweet yet incredibly effective.

The Sandwich at MTV Networks

He actually asks her to smell the sandwich.   And yes, she smells it.   The guy who laughs when he sandwich is an absolute tool. “What do ya say speed racer.”

Chocolate Juice

Watch as they take over the microphone at a grocery store and use the words “Chocolate Juice.”  The guy they pick on is the perfect target.

More Supermarket Madness

This is very subtle but the woman they pick on says “I got a carton of orange juice” but it seems like she says “I got caught in the orange juice” and I love when the guy says “Because it’s not funny.”  Just watch all of this.  It’s amazing.

Interview with the Vampire

The ever so classic Sol Rosenberg complaining about a potential screen of the movie.

Taking over the NYC Tour Bus

I can’t believe someone actually let these guys do this.



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4 responses so far

  • BobCobb

    This is truly the least funny shit ever. They’re lowbrow, annoying, aren’t edgy and never were. Stupid people like you with the sense of humor equivalent to that of a 12 year old made them a moderate success and that’s truly unfortunate. The 90′s produced some great things….The Jerky Boys wasn’t one of them.

    • Natty

      WOW. I would imagine plenty of people would beg to differ here. You must have been a victim of one of their pranks.

  • Josh

    Jerky Boys were hit or miss for me. Some of their stuff was better than others.

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