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Aug 11 2011

Seven More Japanese Commercials That Make Zero Sense

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Let’s face it, Japan’s been through an awful lot in the last year so I’m hardly here to make fun of the country.  In fact I’m here to praise it as I always have.   If there’s one country I’ve respected for its creativity it’s been Japan.

Honestly I don’t know how the hell these guys come up with some of the media they do.   Granted a ton of it makes zero sense to me but who cares?  It’s incredibly entertaining.

In that light, here are seven more Japanese commercials that make no sense to me…..

Thai Tea Commercial with Caterpillars

I mean I suppose I understand the a caterpillar likes leaves but that’s about the only thing I’m following in this spot.

Little Red Riding Hood

A giant animal with big balls?  The only thing this might be for is a building company based on the last 2 seconds of the ad.  WTF?

How To Advertise a CD

Putting people in a wrestling hold?  Works for me.

What the Hell is Sankyo?

I had to get a Nicholas Cage one in there.

Japanese Baseball

This is actually kind of scary.

Crazy Milk Commercial

Is this the Matrix or something?  I can only assume that’s what it is.  What it has to do with milk is beyond me.

Dole Bananas

OK this might have to do with the product but Jesus where the hell did they come up with this?

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