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Aug 09 2011

Good Parenting?

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I can’t quite figure out if this picture is touching or flat out stupid. It’s good to take pride in your child’s work, but no kid can draw something that is worth having on your body FOREVER.

And what is that supposed to be? A leap dripping water on a cat in a sky with two suns? Teach your kid about the universe. And I see you only went with one of the suns.

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  • Maddin

    Lots of my mates have their children’s drawings tattooed on them or have indeed been tattooed by their children. Its fun and personal and if you think its dumb thats your decision.

  • RoseCityRemona

    I raised three great and successful kids and I think it is good parenting and that anyone who has a problem with this creative bonding is the one who is stupid.

  • Januarium

    Why not just let the child tatoo you directly?

  • educated male

    I wonder if anyone that promotes this or like this has a college education….. just saying

  • Anon

    “Why not just let the child tatoo you directly?”

    Maybe he did?



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