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Aug 09 2011

Five Things in Sports That Make Absolutely No Sense

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With the amount of rules that are generated in nearly any game, and that even goes for board games, there’s always something to be left for debate.   No game is perfect and that’s why rules are always being evaluated to make the games better.

But sometimes there are rules that make absolutely zero sense.   And today I’d like to focus on sports.   Why the hell this stuff goes on is beyond me.

Here are five rules in sports that make no sense….

Why Some Teams are in Divisions nowhere Near their Locations

I never understood this and I never will.   What’s up with some teams being in divisions and their actual city being nowhere in the vicinity of the division name?  I mean how the hell are the New Orleans Hornets in the West?  The Toronto Blue Jays are in the AL East?   Believe me there are countless examples of this.   Doesn’t make a whole ton of sense to me.   How about the Big East in college hoops?

Guys Who Can’t make Foul Shots

I’m sorry but you’re being paid millions of dollars to shoot a basketball.   You would think that when your job is to practice a foul shot you’d have a higher percentage.   I mean let’s face it.  If you’re not shooting at least 70% there’s something severely wrong.  How some guys shoot in the 50s, hell even 40s is beyond me.

The Designated Hitter

This is going to be a long running debate with people who love the AL vs. the NL.  People have said it for a long time that the NL is a more “pure” form of baseball and I happen to agree.  Each player should be a part of the game in the most ways they can.  While I don’t think a batter should pitch I’d definitely say that they should have to play defense in some capacity and not just be able to bat and call it a day.   I also think all pitchers should hit.

All-Star Game Voting

I think this subject is being beaten into the ground but Derek Jeter this year?  Really?  Come on guys.   You just can’t do that.   Popularity contests are really really stupid and they don’t work.   I’m also not a big fan of the winner of the All-Star game getting home field advantage in MLB.  That’s pretty awful too.  Especially when the teams are picked by fans and the margin for error is way too big.

Offsides in Soccer, Maybe Hockey

Shouldn’t the defense have to stop these guys?  I guess there’s a fine line because one player can just cherry pick across the field for the entire game and hang out near the goal.  But I think there should be some kind of amendment to the rule.  Maybe no offsides once you reach mid field or center ice?


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  • Frank

    Like you said, the offside rule in soccer prevents cherry picking (which is super lame) and forces players to “beat” the defenders. As far as your midfield idea goes, in soccer, you cane be in an offside position and it still be a legal play IF it occurs in your own half. This rarely happens, though, since it requires all of your opponents players to be on your half.

  • Sean

    Most guys who have trouble shooting free throws have enormous hands (e.g. Shaq) making it much more difficult to control the distance of their shot. Try shooting one of those mini basketballs and you will see how much harder it is.

  • Brett

    How about in Basketball, the team losing gets to foul on purpose as a strategy, then the last two minutes goes on for 30 minutes. You should not be able to foul to your advantage any Sport. Doh

  • Ben

    1. There are some teams in divisions that they aren’t necessarily close to because the divisions must be equal sizes or else some divisions will have an unfair advantage in their chances of making the playoffs

    2. If you look at the people that are bad free throw shooters they are almost entirely big men, who can’t shoot the ball from anywhere other than right under the basket. Its the giants of the game that have the coordination problems that affect their shooting.

    3. Having a pitcher bat is boring, an it makes it easier for the pitcher to get through the lineup when there are only 8 “real” batters. Obviously there are two sides to the argument but the reasoning does “make sense”.

    4. How would you propose they decide on all-stars? Yes, the winner gets Home field advantage in the world series, but in reality its an exhibition game that is meant to be fun to watch, and certain people, i.e. Derek Jeter, are fun to watch, regardless of their stats that year. If Michael Jordan were having a bad game, would you not want him in the NBA All-Star game?

    5. Offsides is in place in order for the game to be fair. If offsides didn’t exist then it would be much more difficult for the defense to contain the attacking players because they could roam anywhere on the field. Giving the defenders some power makes the game more enjoyable.

    I like the idea for your post, but I feel like all of the examples you gave were not examples of things that make no sense. An example of things that make no sense in sports would be something like the rule in women’s lacrosse that everyone has to freeze in place and cannot even move their upper body whenever their is a penalty. That is a ridiculously unnecessary rule, but the ones you described don’t fit the criteria in my opinion.

  • M.Shinny

    Your Blue Jays example doesn’t make sense. The example should be Tampa Bay, if anything. The Jays are further east than TB. TB is even west of Cleveland, where as the Jays are east of the Central teams.

  • Jack Wagon

    Why are the Blue Jays in the AL East? Because they’re farther east than any of the teams in the Central Division. In fact, they’re not even the west most team in the AL East. That belongs to Tampa Bay. Take a look at a map sometime, dipshit.

  • Travis

    What exactly are you drawing circles around in the Soccer/Offside topic…?

    Offsides is never understood by the non-soccer playing community. Getting called for offsides is either the attacking players fault, or very well timed plan by the Defense. “The Offside trap” as defenders call it, is a great strategy. Keeps your opponent in front of you (heaven forbid you ask an athlete to have some skill, Frank) and forces them to do what you as a defender want them to do. EVEN then, in the grand scheme of things, cherry picking is a cowardly way to score, never mind the goalie will just take you out and get the ball.

  • Travis

    My apologies Frank, as I may have misunderstood your comment… You’re either for cherry picking, or u agree with me its lame. Didnt mean to attack you if you think cherry picking is lame.

  • d cash

    If Toronto isn’t eligible to play in the AL East, then what division should they be in. Seems like a pretty Eastern city to me.

  • Kevin

    For the basketball divisions…geographically it’s skewed, but if you just draw the line from Minnesota down to Louisiana, the number of states (and teams) is split pretty evenly among the eastern and western conference, since all the eastern states are so tiny and crammed together. I think what makes less sense is why did the Hornets get moved from the Eastern to Western conference when they moved from Charlotte to New Orleans, but when the Grizzlies moved from Vancouver all the way to Memphis, they remained in the west. Also Dallas being in the NFC East rather than South or something is weird too!

  • Efren

    The Blue Jays are in the AL East cause they are on the east side of North America. Could have came up with some better examples like why the Cowboys are in the NFC East or the Colts in the AFC South. The Texas Rangers are in the AL West.

  • Jason

    The one that always gets me is how it is advantageous for a team to foul an opposing player in basketball at the end of a game. Teams should be able to decline fouls in basketball, just like in football.

  • http://www.manolution.com Sean Lind

    “Maybe no offsides once you reach mid field or center ice?”

    There is no such thing as offside in hockey until you cross centre ice. In hockey the rule is actually really simple and clear cut: the puck must cross the oppositions blue-line before any of your players (unless it’s the other team who was responsible for moving the puck over the line).

  • Kevin

    If the Toronto Blue Jays shouldn’t be in the East then neither should the Rays or the Braves, Atlanta and Tampa are both west of Toronto

  • Arthur Dent

    Why wouldn’t Toronto be in the Eastern division? Toronto is in the Eastern time zone, and lies due north of New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, the Carolinas, Florida… Toronto is farther east than coastal Georgia!

  • Snake Snake

    And considering that offsides in hockey does end once you get over the blue line….

  • Rob

    Only 2 of these are rules. I’ve been lied to.

  • bryan

    Offsides are necessary in soccer. otherwise the defence will not push forward, and there would be no fast breaks



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