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Aug 05 2011

7 Kinds of People To Never Be Friends With Based off of One Thing

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As much as many of us would like to think we don’t stereotype, we do it all the time.   You may think you’re the most politically correct person in the world, but even if you don’t realize it you get choosy about one thing or another and making specific preferences in life about people is stereotyping.

So while we may not single out a certain race, I’ll be damned if we don’t single out certain “groups” on a constant basis.   I know I do it all the time.  Ever say to yourself “I’d never be friends with a person who (fill in the blank)?”  Well that’s what I’m talking about here.

For me?  Here are seven types of people I’d never be friends with…..

Guys with Pony Tails

Seriously could you really hang out with a guy that wears a pony tail?  I didn’t say I minded long hair but going through the effort of actually putting it into a pony tail?  I associate this type of person with weird lotions and creams.   A wacky lighting system in their house.   Listening to trippy music and acting like they don’t care.   Nope, I’m not stereotyping at all.

People who Like Cats over Dogs

I’m gonna get reamed for this one but if you’re a serious cat lover as in liking cats more than dogs then what in the hell is wrong with you?  Jesus the population of folks that are “cat psychos” astonishes me.   They like their cats more than humans.   Trust me, they do.  I don’t mind if you like cats but if you like them more than dogs you have issues.


How can you not eat meat?  Seriously.  The poor treatment of animals?  Pffff.   It’s all about survival folks.  And if the shit hits the fan I ain’t searching for little pieces of bushes and plants to keep me alive.   I’m trying to find me a chicken to kill.

Guys that Shave not Tweeze Their Eye Brows

This should be a universal rule.  I don’t mind if you get rid of the unibrow.  In fact I applaud those that do it.  Hell I’ll tweeze out a few of those once in a while.  I’m talking about males that groom their eyebrows as much as women groom their hairstyles.  There’s just something very very freaky about it.  Couldn’t see myself being friends with a dude that does this.

Redheads with Lots of Freckles

It’s always been a rule of mine that redheads with tons of freckles are psychotic.   I’ve never met one in my entire life that didn’t have some kind of weirdness about them.

People with fanny packs

Granted it’s funny as hell to watch but could you really see yourself hanging out with these folk on a Saturday night?

People Who Take up Two Spots in a parking lot

While the law might be excessive, people who do this should be beaten right on the spot.


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  • james

    this sucked. i wouldn’t want to hang out with Natty; this article is completely devoid of interest and depth. And humor.

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  • P. Wiley

    Natty your right about many things especially the eye brows And the parking. But to take it 1step further, I can’t stand girls who tweeze their eye brows so much that they always look surprised. It just makes them look goofy! I won’t even get into the girls who paint thier eye brows on. The best thing to do to those a- hole double parkers is break off a twig in thier key hole (not as effective as it used to be due to keyless entry) or park so close to the that they have to enter on the passengers side. If you really wanna be a jerk detach the wiper blade but leave it in place. When they eventually turn them on the blade will go bye bye! Hopefully it’s while they are going 65mph so there’s no getting it back! Lol unfortunately people suck and they will never change so fight fire with fire but be sure to direct your fire at them. How about people who use cell phones at the movies? It’s so distracting when you see a bright light in a dark room. I recently warned some 15-16 year old kid twice to stop and grabbed his phone out of hand and flung it down the isle. His spineless dad didn’t say a word to me. So watch out all you jerks. You may run into someone like me who is fed up and sick of your “I’m so important” selfish existence!



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