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Aug 03 2011

“These are Someone’s Daughter” Volume I

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If you’ve ever taken five minutes to do a simple internet search on just about anything you’ll find plenty of hot girl pictures out there.  It’s truly an amazing exercise.  Hell type in the phrase “reading” and you’ll inevitably stumble upon a picture of a hot girl reading a book.

And of all these pictures you see have you ever stopped to think to yourselves “this girl is actually someone’s daughter?”  I have.   I find it amazing that college girls and even high school girls around the country and parading around with these photos of themselves.

In any event I decided to have a segment called “these are someone’s daughter” which demonstrates photos that make you think this very thought to yourself.

Enjoy volume one after the jump…..

I would have loved to have been at that party.

More daughters below

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  • unsub

    You do realize the girl on the left in the last picture is a porn star, right? Couldn’t gather from the text if that was known.



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