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Aug 03 2011

Five Mishaps That Rarely Happen but When they Do Completely Suck

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I know that the title of this article seems a bit general as I think we can all have “mishaps” that happen in our lives.  But there are certain things that you just don’t do, or rather you ought not to do because you know better.

Whether it’s remembering something crucial or making a small blunder that has huge consequences I think all of us can relate to the five mishaps that rarely happen but when they do completely suck.

Enjoy the list after the jump….

Locking Your Keys in the Car or House

How many times has this actually happened to you?  Notice I didn’t say “lose your keys” because I think that’s way more common.  But how many times have you found yourself staring at your table from the outside seeing your keys right there?  In today’s world we have cell phones so these crappy days are managed easier.  However, imagine this shit taking place pre cell phones?  Back in high school this happened to me once and my parents were out of town.  I had to stay at a friends place the entire weekend with the same clothes and no toothbrush.

Forgetting to Charge Something

I commuted by subway for a long time in NYC and there’s no worse feeling than when your iPod runs out of energy.  Ugh, having to actually listen to all these people yapping just isn’t for me.   How about when you forget to charge your phone?  Man that sucks a bunch too.

Not Having an Umbrella when it Starts to Pour

I would say this has happened to me about 10 times in my entire life and each time it has it completely sucked.

Dressing Completely Wrong for Weather

I’m not sure which is worse:   Not having enough clothes when it’s cold or having too much clothes when it’s hot.   Either way it’s a total bummer when that happens.   At least the second one you can take some items off.  Short sleeves when it’s too cold is a total nightmare.

The Forgetting of Major Events, Days in Loved One’s Lives

Man does it suck if you forget someone’s birthday.  And honestly most times the other person doesn’t even get all that pissed (at least in my experience).   But how shitty does it feel to forget your own wife’s birthday?  Or how crappy must it be to get the wrath when you forget an anniversary?  These things don’t happen a ton but man it blows when they do.  That’s why we have calendars these days.



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    Hahahaha I love how yall used the picture from Cracked of one of their writers (Soren?) locked out of his car



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