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Aug 02 2011

Five Great Drinking Games That will Never Die

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I don’t want to be one to judge the youth of America today because the fact is, we all drank when we were young.  Granted I understand that drinking can be problematic and clearly we need to watch what we’re doing out there but you and I both know that drinking will be a prevalent part of youth for as long as alcohol exists.

So instead of getting all depressed and serious let’s have fun for a minute and talk about the kinds of drinking games that will be around for the next 1000 years.

Here are five great drinking games that will never die….

Beer Pong

The popularity of beer pong has been unprecedented over the past decade.  Not only is there an annual national tournament that pays 50 grand to the winner but there are websites dedicated to the “sport.”  It’s truly an art form.  Personally I call it Beirut and always have but when the entire country is calling it beer pong I guess I have to once and for all defer.   If you don’t know how to play beer pong then you’re kind of a moron but here they are:

Arrange six glasses of beer on either side of a table as if you were setting up bowling pins. Divide yourselves in to two groups. Each group should sit opposite the other with 6 beers in front of them. As you take your turn, you must throw the ping pong ball in to the opposite teams glasses. If it lands inside a glass, the opposing team must drink the beer immediately. Once done, rearrange the beers so they are all close to each other. The winning team is the team that manages to make the opposing team drink all their drinks. At the end of the game, the losing team must drink all remaining beer on the winning side.

Cups (or Flip Cups)

I absolutely hate calling this game flip cups but a lot of people do.  Just call it cups will ya?  Here’s another one if you don’t know the rules you’re an idiot.  That or had no social life.   The game is a relay race and each person much drink the contents of their cup and flip the cup from the edge of the table with there fingers to the upside-down position on the table before the next member begins.   First team to finish wins.  Simple.


Thanks to Listverse here are the rules.  Quarters is a classic…

Quarters can be played with any number of players. Play is best with 3-6 players. Competitors sit around a table, hard wood works best but you might need to experiment. To decide who will go first, spin the quarter. When it stops, it will be pointing at the person that starts. I use Washington’s nose or the Eagle’s beak. Once established, the game begins.

The shooter tries to bounce a quarter off the table and into a glass. If the quarter goes into the glass, the shooter chooses a person at the table to consume. The amount or size of the drink is debatable. This should be decided before the game starts. The shooter’s turn is over when he/she does not make the quarter in the cup. Play then proceeds the next shooter.

To make things more exciting, rules are developed by the shooters only after making three quarters into the glass in a row. If any rules are broken, the guilty party must consume.


Probably the best card game drinking game of all time.

The first hand is used to determine everyone’s rank during the following hands. Deal out all the cards. The person to the left of the dealer starts off. The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards. When starting you can lay down any card or cards with the same face value. The person following you must lay down a card of equal or greater value. They must also use the same amount of cards as you did. If you lay down two 9′s then they would have to lay down two of something equal or greater. If the player lays down the same card as the previous player then the next player is skipped and must drink. Also if you can’t play any of your cards than you must skip and drink. Cards are cleared if everyone skips or a two is played.

Play continues like this until all the cards have been played. After the first hand is when the fun really begins. There is a ranking system which is as follows: President, Vice-President, Secretary, A$$hole. Whoever goes out first becomes the new President for the next game, the second person becomes the Vice-President, etc… For the following rounds, anyone who ranks higher then you can tell you to drink whenever they want to.

Special Rules:
The Asshole must always deal and clear the cards. Also the A$$hole must give the two best cards in their hand to the President. The President gives the two worst cards in their hand to the A$$hole. If the President remains President for three consecutive rounds they can create special rules, such as the word “drink” cannot be used. If these rules are broken then the offender must drink.

Power Hour

This game is all about drinking. There are not really any rules. The object is to take a shot of beer every minute for an entire hour.  Sounds pretty easy right?  Wrong.  60 shots is 120 oz.  Ever have ten beers in one hour?  Believe me folks it isn’t easy.   If you really have the balls try and play Century Club where you have 100 shots in 100 minutes.   Good luck not puking with that one.

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