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Jul 29 2011

When Security Cameras Catch Drunk People

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Next time you’re drunk in public, make sure that there are no security cameras around.  But unfortunately it happens to the best of us.   Well not all of us but when you’re drinking that often the odds are bound to catch up with you.  For these people, they certainly did.

And, if we’re lucky, these people get caught on security cameras and people post it on the internet for all the world to see.

Here are videos of people acting like complete idiots while they thought nobody was watching.

Drunk in the Back of a Restaurant

It would appear that walking from one point to another isn’t as easy as it seems.   Dude must have been looking for a bathroom or an exit.  He should have been looking for a bed to sleep it off in.

Just One More Beer

Apparently however many beers this dude had wasn’t enough because at 10 in the morning he attempts to walk into a grocery store and purchase more hops.  Fortunately for our entertainment he falls in a rack of chips and makes us laugh.

Drunk Woman Almost Hit By Train

Wow.  I can’t believe this is real.  I am floored that the train actually stopped here.   Even more floored that this was caught on camera.

Alcohol Test Hole in the Wall

The man appeared fine for a split second until he stumbles and eventually puts a hole in the wall.  Way to go buddy.

Drunk Driving Through the Mall

I must that say for however many drinks this guy needed to drink in order to drive through a mall, he actually drives in a pretty straight line throughout his joy ride. This plan seemed to not be completely foolproof though since he was pulled over immediately upon leaving the mall.

The Drunken Rampage

In just 30 seconds of footage we see the Brawny Towel Man/Mr. Clean guy shoving people on the street, picking fights with strangers and battling off six cops at once.

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