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Jul 28 2011

Four Subtle Ways People are Slacking on the Job

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For many us out there, the jobs that we are currently in aren’t the ideal positions we thought we’d have at whatever point we’re at in our lives.   Somehow we thought we’d be bigger, in our own offices, be our own bosses, or whatever the case may be.

So for most of the employed out there, their positions they have to go to everyday become somewhat of a struggle.   And because of that most of us don’t give it our all at work.  In fact most of us don’t really give it much of anything.

So instead we figure out ways to not work.  Sometimes we spend more energy doing that than work itself.   This list does not include the obvious stuff like “not doing their job” or “taking too many sick days.”    If you are a boss out there, here are four subtle ways your people are trying to screw you…..

They Ask Too many of the wrong Questions

Ever notice that the lazy people who work for you never seem to ask the right questions?  It’s one thing if a person needs clarification.  It’s another if they are asking you questions on things you are already covered or things you’ve had to repeat yourself on time and time again.  They do this as a way to make it seem like they’re interested and being proactive but they’re really just trying to fool you.

They Never, Ever ask questions

These are the people that are virtually “checked out.”   It’s one thing if someone asks stupid questions which is bad enough.  It’s another if the person has completely made themselves absent even though they show up to work every day.   They’ll do anything they can to avoid you without actually not being there.

The Always Looking Busy Despite no Production

These are the people that try to fool you into thinking they are active so they’ll always look busy.  They might pick up the phone and not even be on it.  They might be surfing the internet and looking real intent at their desks but in actuality are checking email.   You know this because you can tell their production is off but can’t figure out why.  Well, this is why.

Constant Breaks or Volunteering to Do Stuff

These are the smoke break people.  And these are the people that will do anything to avoid actual work.   Anyone need food?  Anyone need to go to the supply room for paper?  Anyone need to fix the printer?  It’s like you have a new janitor or delivery person in your midst.




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