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Jul 21 2011

Seven Awesome High School Gym Class Sports

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If there’s one class that people always seem to reminisce about in high school it’s gym class.  Personally I think you’re entire gym class experience is really dependent on your teacher.  You can get the hardass who makes everything 100% not fun.

Or you can get the chill teachers who let you go nuts.   Looking back though, it’s awesome how many “fake” sports we played that absolutely kicked ass.  Funny thing is, little did we know at the time that these sports are in fact real.

Here are seven awesome high school gym class sports….


If there’s one sport in gym that completely kicked ass it was definitely dodgeball.   One, it’s an awesome sport in and of itself.  Two.  It was a great chance for you to bean kids in your class you didn’t like.    Think about it.  It’s the one sport where hitting someone with a ball is encouraged.   And nothing beat the feeling of when you catch their ball and stare them right in the face.


This is one of those sports that when you first hear about it in gym you really don’t want to play it.  It seems kind of dumb to tell you the truth.  The whole no taking more than three steps thing.  Definitely annoying.   However, by the end of the day it winds up being the most competitive sport you’ll play in gym.

Indoor Floor  Hockey

Aside from those ridiculous goggles they make you wear, how much fun was this in school?  Seriously, I had the best time.  Scratch that.  I had the best time when I didn’t have to play goalie or defense.  Those two positions were awful.

Flag Football

It’s about as close to football as you’re ever going to get in a gym class.  And at no point in gym class was I more serious about a sport than flag football.


Bowling is something that’s increased in high school countries in the last 10-20 years.  Back when I was in high school we sure as hell didn’t bowl but I can’t imagine there being a better gym activity then heading out to the local bowling alley and playing for free.

Crab Soccer

Sure, why not?

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