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Jul 20 2011

5 Types of Reality Shows that are Way Overplayed

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The degree to which reality TV has taken over the airwaves cannot be fully measured.   It’s just too much.  But when you really think about it, America has reached a high point for itself.   Considering how lazy in general this country is, it’s only fitting that all you have to do is slap a camera on someone, watch them act like an idiot, and you have a hit TV show.

Talk about production value.  But Jesus, can we give it a rest already?  There’s just too much of it out there.

Speaking of which, here are five types of reality shows that need a rest….


Can we please give it a rest with anything Housewife already?  I mean Jesus Christ.   How many counties and cities are real housewives who are married to millionaires featured on TV right now?  New Jersey, Beverly Hills, Somalia, Buffalo, Tijuana?  Seriously guys.  We really don’t want to say Muffy bitching that she didn’t get a $10MM ring anymore.   Not unless she takes her clothes off and is hot.  But the women on these shows aren’t even attractive!   How about a show set in the slums that documents real wives or real people?  That I’d watch.

Generation Moron

Look, you have to hand it to The Jersey Shore for creating a United States phenomenon.   The youth of our nation is obsessed with people who act like morons and don’t have to work for a living.  I mean if causing trouble and drunk hook ups is a job then please sign me up.  But now it’s show after show after show documenting how retarded the newest generations of lazy shits are.   The sad thing is, you can make money off of this behavior.

Singing and Dancing

It all started with American Idol.  Well, let me back track.  It started with Star Search.  But you guys know what I mean.  Now it’s Dancing with the Stars, The Voice, So you Think you Can Dance, America’s Got Talent….shall I go on?  Because there’s about 20 more.  Not to mention variations on these shows in other countries.  How about just one show thank you.

Spoiled Brats and Famous for Being Famous

If I see one more Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian type show I might puke.   These are nearly as bad as the housewives shows.  I mean at least these stupid little debutantes are attractive and somewhat famous.  Still though, I’d rather follow around the Jersey Shore kids because at least they’re entertaining.

Finding True Love

We get it.  America is lonely but please stop showcasing the lonely.   The Bachelor, One Shot at Love or whatever the hell these shows are just makes the world that much more depressing that we need contests to find our soul mates?  Come on team.  You can do better than that.


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