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Jul 19 2011

5 Things You’d be Surprised are Great To Do By Yourself

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And no I’m not gonna talk about masturbation because that’s already assumed.   However, when it comes to being alone there are a fair amount of things that we tend to feel are better off doing with partners.   In fact in many case we would probably feel a little embarrassed if we had to go it alone.

However, that’s really not the case.   Under the right circumstances (and that’s the important part) you can really enjoy time by yourself in activities you might think only work with company.

Here are five such activities…..

Eating a Great Meal at a Restaurant

Going to a shitty dinner or a place like Friday’s by yourself might not cut it.  At least for me it doesn’t.  But I remember one day I had 45 minutes to kill and I went to my favorite steakhouse.   It was one of the best meals I ever ate.   In these circumstances it’s preferred you eat at the bar so there’s a TV or if you have a phone call to make, make it.  So you’re alone, but not really.   Still though it can be gratifying treating yourself to a nice meal.

Going to a Movie

For me this scenarios works in one way and one way only:  when the movie theater is practically empty.  I don’t think I’d ever go to a movie on a Friday night when it opened.  However,  on a Friday at like 10:30AM when I have some spare time?  It’s awesome.  No one sits next to.  It’s as if you have your own theater.  Plus the first showing at most theaters is half price.  It’s a great way to enjoy a movie.

Attending a Class – Exercise or Skill Class

For some reason people tend to enjoy going to classes with other people.   For examples wives always want their husbands to go to cooking classes or stuff like that.  If you want to learn something or are curious about it, don’t let another person hold you back.   Go do it!  You’ll probably wind up meeting some interesting people and acquire a new skill to boot.

Taking a Vacation

This one kind of takes balls but it’s definitely on the list for a reason.   Doing something like this requires combining more than one activity that you’d normally do with a partner.   The nice thing about taking a vacation alone is that it simulates living by yourself which can be quite comforting.  Only in this case, you have no work, nothing to worry about and can spend money freely.   I think a weekend is solid.   Longer than that and you might get restless.  Though I know people that have backpacked for months and have said it was the best experience they’ve ever had.

Walking in a Crowded City

I lived in New York City for 6 years and hated walking around when it was crowded…with one exception.  When I had my headphones on it was awesome.  I highly suggest you try this.  It’s like you’re in a movie or a video game.



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  • Frank

    I went to Jerusalem by myself once by myself for 4 days. It was kind of scary at first but it was cool going everywhere by myself, exploring at my own pace, doing what I wanted when I wanted all without worrying about what another person might want to do. I even met some interesting people like a German TV producer and a British expat who lived in Jordan and was in Jerusalem on business and had been imprisoned by Idi Amin Dada in the 70s. Pretty fun.



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