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Jul 15 2011

Five Ways To Deal With the Wife or Girlfriend’s Annoying Friend

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It happens to all of us.  I don’t care how great a relationship you are in.  You are always going to run into a friend of your significant other’s that you can’t stand.   And I’m not just referring to wives and girlfriends.  Guys too have friends that their ladies can’t stand.   It’s perfectly normal.

But what do you do about it?  That’s the eternal question.  You can’t always avoid them so you have to have a game plan.

Luckily I’ve got some helpful tips on how to deal with these people…..

Make sure It’s Just the Three of You

If you’re going to sacrifice yourself for the greater good and are forced to hang out with this person then make sure no one else is around.  You really don’t want to make yourself look bad for associating with this kind of person.  And let’s not forget that your wife or girlfriend also looks pretty bad.   If you must hang out, then try and make it a quiet night at home with just the three of you.

If You Are Out, Go Somewhere Crowded and Stand Far Away

Well, you’ve found yourself in a position that is unavoidable and you have to go out somewhere.  If you have no choice but to do this I highly recommend a very crowded place where you can get some distance.  Ideally you want to be at some sort of concert where the talking is at a minimum.   A crowded bar isn’t horrible unless you’re stuck talking in which case it’s really bad because you have to shout.   Another tip.  Pretend you have to go to the bathroom a lot.  It’ll help kill some time.

Eat a Ton of Food for as Long as You Can

You might be wondering why I would suggest eating a ton of food.  It’s pretty simple really.   The more eating the less talking.   Make sure when they arrive at your house that you have a huge spread.  And if you go out to dinner get tons of appetizers.  Do it up.

Watch a Ton of Television

Have you ever gone to the movies with a friend and realized that you practically didn’t hang out with that person?  Why?  Because you didn’t talk at all.  Same concept here.  Try and make it a movie night or something of that nature.  Again, the less talking, the better.

Don’t Be There

It’s a pretty simple answer but it had to be stated.   If you have a cool wife or girlfriend who respects your distaste for this person then they’ll understand when you don’t want to be around said person.

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