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Jul 14 2011

Eight Awesome Moments in Fox News

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One has to admit that Fox is an excellent network but one also has to admit that their news network still needs a bit of work.   I mean when it comes to sports they are doing a fine job.  However when it comes to opinions, reporting on world events, or simply just dishing out the weather, there are issues.

Speaking of issues, here are eight awesome moments in Fox news history…..

Look at this guy in the background

Seriously, how in the hell can they let this slide?

Collection of Bill O’Reilly Moments

I absolutely love the clips where he gets schooled.

Top What?

Wow.  Talk about one of the best slip ups I’ve ever seen.   Of course they laughed afterwards.

Yet Another Funny Slip Up

What kind of a block party are you throwing buddy?

Weather Reporter Gets a Little Angry

Watch it buddy.  Watch it.

Dollar Bill is Shoved into Lisa

Definitely some kudos for the second effort.

The Drunk Weather Man

There is simply no chance that this guy is even remotely coherent.

A Joke about Killing Obama

Good Lord I don’t think I ever saw this.  Are you kidding me?

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