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Jul 13 2011

The 6 Best SNL Hosts of All Time

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It’s been a long time on Saturday Night Live.   For over 30  years the show has been entertaining America, and for over 30 years the show has been successful.  While I’m not a particularly big fan of the show at present time, once in a while you get yourself a good episode.

And usually that episode is accompanied by a host who can pull his or her own weight.  Over the years, SNL has seen plenty of its share of crappy hosts, but it’s also seen some memorable ones.

Here are my picks for the top six of all time…..

Alec Baldwin

15 times.  I mean that’s pretty much all you really need to say right?  15 times hosting this show?  That’s absurd.  What’s so great about Baldwin is that he possesses the comedic qualities that even the actors on the show do.   I’m also amazing that Baldwin used to be considered a stud back in the day.  How he transformed himself into comedian is truly awesome to me.

Christopher Walken

Walken is the kind of guy you can simply look at and laugh.  So the beauty with that is that you don’t even really need to be all that creative with his skits.   I mean hell, Walken played some dumbass who claimed to have a lion in his apartment.   The crowd laughed because it was Walken playing the part, not because of the creativity of the skit.   You can put Walken in almost anything and you’ll get a chuckle.

Justin Timberlake

I’m pretty sure if he wanted to, Justin Timberlake could be a cast member of SNL in about two seconds.   Hell he’d probably be one of the best ones.  What’s so great about Timberlake is the effort.  Most people read the cue cards, say their thing and that’s it.  Timberlake acts out his parts and gives it 100% every single time out.  Plus he makes fun of his personal life which is awesome.

John Goodman

Yes, John Goodman.  I’m pretty sure I’m putting him in there because of the time he played Janet Reno.  Good God I still laugh every time I see that.

Jon Hamm

Yup, Jon Hamm.  I know he’s in a bit of a newer class here but Hamm is one of those guys who is like Timberlake.  He puts in a ton of effort on his parts and is 100% willing to do anything.   As if this video isn’t enough.  Trust me.  Hamm is awesome and I do hope he continues to host at a nice clip.

Tom Hanks

Hanks is another guy whose hosted the show a bunch of times.   For some reason I always loved his role as the roadie on Wayne’s World.  It wasn’t even all that funny and yet is was.   If anything, Hanks is a memorable host because he’s stood the test of time with acting and continues to enjoy being funny and making fun of himself.

*Steve Martin

Personally I don’t think he’s all that funny but I know I’d get reamed if I didn’t add him.


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  • john smyth

    You forgot Richard Pryor from 1975 (i think) classic!



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