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Jul 13 2011

Tell Me This Doesn’t Scare You

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Honestly I haven’t a clue as to how the first ventriloquists came to be.  Hopefully through the years the dolls have gotten a bit cuter (though I don’t think so) but I don’t see any way an audience could have enjoyed any of this without freaking out.

Something tells me it’s a kids thing.  Kids always seem to like these really freaky dolls and such.  It’s kind of like teletubbies.   There’s this secret power on children that we don’t know about.

In any event, these old school ventriloquist dummies are nothing but frightening….

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3 responses so far

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  • http://semuanyapercumaforex.blogspot.com zulfizan

    Woooowww..u are weird..this thing are scary =.=

  • http://blogillyz.blogspot.com illyz

    nothing here are good and all are scary :]



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