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Jul 12 2011

These 5 Communication Excuses No Longer Cut it Now

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Back in the 80s, 90s, and even to an extent first half of the 2000s you were able to get away with some of the old excuses for not staying in touch with a person or not being able to carry out certain communication efforts.   Obviously pre 80s the amount of excuses you could use were ten fold.

However, today it’s just not that easy.   Things like Twitter, Facebook, and oh, any handheld device make it impossible to not be able to get in touch with another person.

Which is why if you don’t, you’re really telling someone to F-Off.  These particular excuses just don’t fly anymore in todays society….

“I was too busy”

Let’s face it folks.  I’ve written an entire article on the busy excuse.   Given the amount of technology that’s out there these days there’s just no way you can tell anyone you were too busy.   Even if you’re a doctor on call in a hospital performing surgery, you have to take a leak at some point no?  Well choose one of 600 devices where you can return an email, call, whatever.   Today’s world is designed for communication in small bits and in little time.   When you don’t contact someone, it’s out of choice, not because you are too busy.

“I had no way to reach you”

Um, really?  Are you serious?  I feel like the only way you can’t get in touch with someone is if you’re on a boat in the middle of the ocean and you’re naked.  Seriously.  Being naked is like the only excuse for not reaching someone.  Chances are most places in the world are very close to some kind of communication device.   You really have to be in a dark aged setting to not be able to get in touch with a person.

“I didn’t have any time that day”

This is the same thing as “I was too busy” but it’s more detailed.   It’s a little more acceptable than I was too busy because it infers that you are aware of the situation and do intend to rectify it.  However, as stated before, it’s still bullshit.

“I wasn’t able to watch/tape it”

These days with the internet as well as ability to tape anything on television the only way you don’t have to watch something is if you don’t want to watch it.  You can find pretty much any program within 30 seconds.

“I didn’t have reception”

Can you hear me now?  You can pretty much hear anyone from anywhere these days.




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  • Frank

    My cousin said to me the other day: “I need to make a copy of this key but i don’t have time” So I told him that he lives 4 blocks away from a home depot and it would only take him 15 minutes. He should do it on his way home. He replies :”But finding those 15 minutes is the problem.” That’s when his wife chimes in:”What about the 5 HOURS you spend playing golf every Saturday?” BURN!

  • PGS

    I don’t use twitter or facebook.
    I don’t have ‘net on the mobile (cell).
    I already cram 40 hours into a day (between 4 & 5 of those are sleep)
    No recording type video player – can’t do it on the PC, either
    A lot of the time I have a bad reception in Sydney – even with the biggest 2 telcos in Australia.

    Buy a new phone? – no-one makes them like I want now.

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