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Jul 11 2011

Five Things Guys Care About on a Woman (That They Tell you Doesn’t Matter)

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It’s a common thing you hear amongst many men:  “I love the way you look!  I don’t care.”  Sorry ladies, we really do care.  In fact we care a lot.  The problem is you’re constantly reminding us not to care which actually makes us care even more.

So rather than continuously ask us these self affirming questions that will make you feel good about you, just get on the task at hand.

Just so there’s no questions anymore, here are five things we do in fact care about your appearance…..

Breast Size

I know guys that say they don’t care if a girl has big boobs.  That’s fine and I actually believe those guys when they tell me this.  However, when they are being face by a female who has prized bombs I’ve never seen a guy shy away from his happiness.   So believe me, while small boobs may not technically matter, if they were enhanced 99% of guys would be most appreciative of the larger size.


You see guys just don’t talk about stuff like this.   However, it definitely matters.   The thing is, most times we just don’t want to deal with giving an explanation.  But there’s something to be said about a female who just doesn’t care about making her hair look nice.   I know I hate when there’s a big mop on top.  That’s no fun.

The Appearance of Fat

“Does this make me look fat?”  Just once I’d like to say “no, you make you look fat!”   Haha.   And no, honey I’m not talking about you so relax.   But so many women are constantly looking for that reassurance from guys.  Here’s some advice.  Just don’t ask those questions, ever.   9 times out of 10 the reason we say “you look fine” is because you’re taking too long to get ready and we want to get the hell out of there.


This is similar to the “we’re in a hurry” argument.  Most times women are the reason for couples being late to things.  Guys just want to get the hell out of there but don’t think for a second we’re not looking at what you’re wearing.   Sometimes it’s too slutty.  Sometimes it’s not slutty enough.  Trust me, we’re paying attention.

Overall Grooming

Bad eyebrows?  Clip ‘em.  Unwanted hairs?  Get rid of them.  God forbid you’re 1920′s in the southern region?  Please clean that up.   Guy do care about women keeping themselves “womanly.”  We don’t care what you gotta do, just do it.



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