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Jul 06 2011

Seven Easy Meals Every Male Should Have in the House

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Every single one of us has faced one of those moments where we look in the refrigerator at least 4 times only to find there’s nothing to make.   Well, let me rephrase that.  We find that there’s nothing that will take less than five minutes to make.  And that’s the real problem.

Most of us guys are too lazy to actually cook.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there were always a go-to in the house?  That there’d always be something you could turn to if you’re in a pinch and are really hungry?

These are seven items that should always be lurking around….

Chicken Fingers/Nuggets

Just like when you were a kid and you wanted those chicken nuggets in restaurants, have them at home.   They are a good source of protein and usually don’t take more than 5-10 minutes to heat up.


This food has stuck with me since my college days.  For some reason I’ll never get tired of it.  3 minutes to prepare and still addicting as ever.  Not to mention they are like 50 cents.   Just make sure you use half the flavor package and the sodium won’t be too bad.

Mac n’ Cheese

This should be everyone’s go to meal.  I prefer the Velveeta with the creamy gooey sauce.  Takes about 5 minutes to boil the pasta part and you’re pretty much good to go.   Or you could buy Stouffer’s which takes 5 min in the microwave.

A Protein Shake

When in doubt make sure you have milk in the house.  Two scoops of protein mix, a little water so it all dissolves and you’re up and running.   It should hold you over for at least 2 hrs.

Chicken Taquitos

Make sure you have sour cream lying around the house.   Taquitos are awesome and really fast.   6 of them usually take 3 minutes to heat.  Boom.


This is a given but I had to mention it.

Chinese Leftovers

I mean we could be talking about any leftovers but I prefer Chinese.   It’s almost as if the food is actually better the next day.   Nothing beats a cold eggroll.

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