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Jun 28 2011

You Can What the What?

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This made little to no sense UNTIL I saw the Japanese (Chinese?) letters on it. Of course they have a doll that you shave over there. Why not? The pubic hair part is not even the weirdest thing about this. The strangest thing is that this baby grows hair on its shoulders and shins. What the hell?

And uh, how exactly do you shave the baby? Are we giving kids razor blades now to deface their toys? Also, this kid looks like the son of William Wallace. He would come out with that much hair.

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5 responses so far

  • Jacob

    That’s Chinese, not Japanese.

  • Zane


  • GK

    And its pubic hair…not public.

  • David

    The real question is Why?

  • IF

    Maybe this baby is a bit of a slut and it is public hair



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