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Jun 28 2011

A Great Collection of Gymnastics Fails

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There are two main reason one should watch gymnastics.  At least from the male perspective it consists of females and accidents.   The priority is to watch women get into positions that men only dream of.   Seriously you become mesmerized while watching the screen.  Plus there are definitely some hotties out there.

Second reason?  While most people wouldn’t admit it, accidents are a big reason people would watch the sport.   There are some pretty spectacular fails out there.  Obviously it’s best when the athletes don’t get hurt.

But either way, it’s something to watch.  Check out this collection of gymnastics fails….

1987 Championships

I think it’s more funny because it’s the 80s.

Highbar Hell

This is why I never took up gymnastics.

A Double Fall

Once.  Twice.  Well you get it after the second time.

An Epic Fail Montage

Too many to count here.

Watch Where You’re Going

You’d think after that many flips she might stop.  Nope.

The Twister

Why were they clapping?

This One is Brutal

And it’s a classic.


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  • Des

    You missed Kerri Strug’s cringe-inducing fall on the uneven bars where she injured her back. The audio on it is extremely uncomfortable.



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